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by user Pgtiger

Alright, after watching the draft for 10 straight hours I have decided which team has come out with the best picks after the first day.
The Houston Texans

So what they didn’t get Reggie Bush, he’ll be a bust in a few years. Mario Williams is going to completely kick ass. I totally love his attitude on the football field, and at 6-7, 255 pounds Mario Williams is a beast.

I also love the #33 pick of LB Demeco Ryans, Alabama. This sent the message to me that the Texans have a plan in mind and they’re sticking to it. The Texans were the #31 best defense in the league last season and probably don’t plan on that happening again.

I like the pick of OT Eric Minston, Miami. Houston was last in rush offense last season, and don’t get me started on the 6,000,000 sacks given up. Eric Winston was projected as an early 2nd round pick for a while and they were able to get him in the third round.

You can bitch and complain all you want Texans fans, but your guys did a great job today.


Sat 04/29/06, 7:01 pm EST