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With each fantasy baseball season, comes substantial over-hype for young players. Does anybody remember Todd Van Poppel? Below is a list of 10 prospects, which do you think will successful make the big jumps to the MLB in 2006?

List of Prospects (in no particular order)

Here are my thoughts: In my mind, Delmon Young is still a year away. They hype surrounding this guy is so high that it makes me a little wary. I am also not buying the hype around Prince Fielder. His numbers and appearance last year, during his brief stint in the majors, did not blow me away (unlike Rickie Weeks who will be a bona fide star). I worry that Prince's tendency to strike out will hurt him in the majors. Don't get me wrong, I think that Delmon and Prince will develop into above average major leaguers just not in 2006.

Prince Fielder's 2005 Stats

<stats> Player=Prince Fielder Type=Batting Year=2005 </stats>

However, I do expect Matt Cain, Ryan Zimmerman, and Jonathan Papelbon to make a difference for their teams in 2007. Matt Cain looked impressive last year, after being called up from the minors. In 46.3 innings, Cain posted a 2.33 ERA and 0.9281 WHIP with 30 Ks. Not too shabby. While playing in the massive RFK Stadium, Zimmerman also impressed batting close to .400. If Papelbon gets a spot in the rotation, I think he has the make-up, stuff, and supporting staff to put up some big numbers. His numbers last year were pretty good, posting a 2.65 ERA with 34Ks in 34 innings. To become a star, Papelbon will need to improve his control 17 BBs in 34 innings stinks, as evident by his scary 1.47 WHIP.

Matt Cain's 2005 Stats

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Ryan Zimmerman's 2005 Stats

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Jonathan Papelbon's 2005 Stats

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