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Caps lock

Your articles will probably get more votes if you don't use all capital letters. --DNL 04:54, 4 May 2006 (EST)

Article Titles

Generally don't need periods, as they are really phrases, not sentences. Cheers! --Xinoph 09:55, 23 June 2006 (EST)

Just emphasizing this point again; article titles generally don't need periods. Xinoph 10:51, 23 July 2006 (EST)
Once again, article titles don't need periods/full stops at their end. Xinoph 13:24, 2 August 2006 (EST)
Periods. Article titles. Not necessary. Xinoph 07:37, 5 August 2006 (EST)

Garnett Article

Nice job on Garnett should move on to greener pastures. I'd once again point out that article titles don't need periods, as they're not sentences. Also, could you wikify your links in the future? (I've done it in that article). Wiki-links work like this: [[Kevin Garnett]] becomes Kevin Garnett, and [[Minnesota Timberwolves|T-Wolves]] becomes T-Wolves. Anyway, great article, keep up the good work!
Xinoph 05:37, 7 July 2006 (EST)


Hey if you ever need to fix an article, or add your name to it in case you posted it logged out, you can always edit it after posting it. Let me know if you need any help. Pean 20:29, 8 July 2006 (EST)


hey, i loved your last article. if you want to start up a column about older wrestling, or any wrestling pre-2000, i am 100% for it! its a shame that wrestling was reduced to such...trash. personally, i blocked out current wrestling and only remember pre-2000 wrestling!! Ufgators

Your article

I don't see it anywhere. Are you sure you hit "Submit"? --DNL 11:31, 20 October 2006 (EST)

live blog

hey man, great job on covering the game tonight! -- check out Head Scout... add your icon/avatar!! Pean 18:58, 21 October 2006 (EST)


Invite more! You can do it automatically or by hand. --DNL