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Note: I cleared the majority of this on 7/11

Welcome Back!

Good to see you! --DNL 12:31, 9 February 2007 (EST)

"Here's a guy that I haven't seen in a long time..."

Welcome back, dude. - Davis21wylie 21:07, 9 February 2007 (EST)

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The challenge

My bad. Yeah, after I posted it, I kinda felt bad cuz it WAS unbalanced, like you said. If you wanna change it, or have a better idea, then we can make a different deal, I guess, and call the other one off. Romiezzo


I guess so. I just wanted to get some challenges in for the people to make it more fun. As soon as the All-Star Game is over, I'm actually not sure how long we have to do our goal.

That is...

Exactly what I was looking for. I made a couple of minor changes, but other than that, I'll take it. It's pretty good. So, we'll see who wins the All Star Game. :)


Nah dude...

I wouldn't be THAT harsh on you. The deal was if you lost, then you'd have to update all 6 players of the Red Sox that were on the All Star Roster. :)

  1. Ortiz
  2. Okajima
  3. Lowell
  4. Papelbon
  5. Ramirez
  6. Beckett


Haha. No worries. It's aight. I can start partying now. I don't have to have my display picture either saying Yankees rule or Red Sox suck. lol


So, did you finish yet?


Aight: No pressure. Take your time. I was just wondering cuz you usually do things really fast...

I'm trying to figure out how I leave you a personal message (not a rant) can you help since I am new at this? Rob aka Golden Gopher"Goldengopher 08:45, 13 July 2007 (UTC)"


You did a tremendous job. I checked em out. Good job. I hope you don't get me soon. Romi