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MLB Team History Project

Filling in the history pages of the various MLB teams, plus creating year pages for each year in existence (sometimes the only way prior franchise names/cities end up with their own pages).

  • Arizona Diamonbacks history - Managers, Franchise history, and year pages created/filled in.
  • Atlanta Braves History - Franchise History section updated, need to insert Owner information, Managers updated, Articles - 1871-1878 (Boston Red Stockings, and Red Caps), 1882-1883 (Red Caps and Beaneaters), 1906 (Beaneaters), 1995 (Atlanta Braves) pages created.
  • Florida Marlins - only Managers section filled out


Books and Films

  • Sports books made into films/TV series: Baseball
  • Sports books made into films: American Football (NFL, College, & High School Football)
  • Sports books made into films/TV Series: Horse Racing