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My Favorite Sports:

1. NFL

2. College football

3. MLB

4. NBA

5. College Basketball

The NFL is my all-time, undisputed favorite. College Football is close behind, and the MLB has really captured my interest this season. College and pro basketball are far behind the top three for me.

About Me

My name is Jackson Govatos and I was born in Birmingham, Alabama. I have since lived in Fort Collins, Colorado, San Jose, California, and currently in Atlanta, Georgia.

Because of all this moving I do not like the teams from one city. My favorite teams are:

  1. MLB: Atlanta Braves
  2. NFL: St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs
  3. NBA: Los Angeles Lakers
  4. College: Florida Gators

I have been watching sports ever since about 1999 (when I was 7). I just began writing about sports in February 2006 when I discovered I now write for that site as well as ArmchairGM.


I am currently updating the MLB standings and stats on almost a daily basis. I'm also working on individual player pages and MLB history.

Click here to read my weekday baseball blog "The Full Count."

If you have a comment leave it on my talk page:

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