Tony Meo (born 4 October 1959) is a retired English snooker player.

Meo was a schoolfriend of Jimmy White, and the pair would regularly skip school to play snooker together. At 17 Tony became the youngest person to make a 147. He turned professional in 1979.

Meo came close to winning his first ranking tournament when he reached the final of the 1984 Lada Classic, facing Steve Davis. The match went to the deciding frame, and Meo was on what looked like the winning break when a shout from the audience disturbed him. Davis went on to win the frame and match, and used his winning speech to call for an audience ban on alcohol.

His only ranking victory was the 1989 Anglian Windows British Open. He reached the semi-final of the world championship in the same year.

Slipping badly down the rankings, Meo retired from the professional game in 1997.


Tournament Wins


  • World Number 1: Never
  • Highest Ranking: 10


  • Century Breaks:
  • Highest Break: 147


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Tony Meo

Professional Career: 1979-97

Date of Birth: 04/10/1959

Place of Birth: London

Nationality: Template:Team England

Current World Ranking: N/A

World Ranking Event Titles: 1

Other Titles: 0

Rivals: Jimmy White

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