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Ok I realize that this is late, and was probably already talked about, but since we just put in the NFL stats, something jumped out at me again.

Tiki Barber got so screwed out of the MVP, it's not even funny. If you watched any Giants game this year, its quite obvious that Tiki lead the team to the playoffs. While Eli Manning and the Giant's Defense were on a rollercoaster of effectiveness all season, Tiki was the rock each week, inexeplicably breaking tackles and team rushing records.

Shaun Alexander won this year's MVP, and yes his TD total was amazing blah blah blah. But (1) his line is amazing, and he gets all the goal line carries. (2) Tiki lost all the goal carries to rookie Brandon Jacobs (3) The Seahawks have a crappy division.

Here are the two players stats:

Tiki Barber

<stats> name=Tiki Barber years=2005 sport=NFL columns=G,RuAtt,RuYD,RuAvg,RuTD,Rec,RecYd,RecAvg,RecTD </stats>

Shaun Alexander

<stats> name=Shaun Alexander years=2005 sport=NFL columns=G,RuAtt,RuYD,RuAvg,RuTD,Rec,RecYd,RecAvg,RecTD </stats>

Aside from Ax's redonkulous TD total, Tiki was pretty comparable (and even kicked butt getting 500 receiving yards!)

Take away Tiki, the Giants were probably bottom feeders. All hail Tiki! King of the Most Underrated Football Players ever.

by User:Pean