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After this year of missing the playoffs the Supersonics have had some rough breaks and some shining moments in this years review. The Supersonics ended their season on a light note overthrowing the Denver Nuggets on a 109-98 Victory. While Denver was on its way to the Playoffs and later Losing to the Los Angeles Clippers in Round One. The Management was looking for a new place for the Sonics to call home. Renton and Bellevue were looking as suitable suitors for our Supes but mainly the Sonics are looking for a lease from the City of Seattle. But does Seattle really want them? I mean David Stern the NBA Commissioner said that he'd threatened to move the Sonics out if they aren't interested Quote "Seattle isn't interested in having the NBA there". Marianne Bichsel, spokeswoman for Mayor Greg Nickels, said the city wants the Sonics to remain in Seattle. "The mayor has made it perfectly clear in several interviews given, the Sonics have been in Seattle for 40-plus years, and we would like them around another 40-plus years and we'd like them at Key Arena," she said. "We're in discussions with the Sonics a lot about the situation, but we have a lease through 2010 and we fully expect that the lease will be honored." Though the Sonics ended on a 35-47 record. Much was achieved with the Supersonics Franchise like the Record 3s by Ray Allen. And so many one point victories. Such as the Ray Allen 3 point buzzer beater against the Suns and Spurs and the Two One Sided Victories against the Portland Trailblazers and The Houston Rockets after a bad loss. After one coaching change and a couple of key trades this has been a pretty good season for our Sonics. Hopefully next year will see a Playoff Contending Team after the NBA Draft.


Mon 05/08/06, 9:22 am EST