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Time for a baseball rant. We Kansas City Royals fans don’t have high expectations. We don’t expect pennants, play-offs or division championships. We really don’t even expect a winning record. However is it too much to expect to just have a competitive team?

Twelve games into the season the Royals have two wins and are currently riding an 8 game losing streak. On the 18th of April Kansas City is out of every MLB race that every MLB teams want to be in. The starting pitchers have failed to win a game and they have managed to score just one run twice and have been shutout once.

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are on a three game winning streak. The reason why? They just finished a series with the Royals. Detroit got off to a hot start. The reason why? They started the season with a two-game set against Kansas City.

The Royals are currently playing in their fifth series of the season and have been swept in three of the four completed series’.

I’ve been a Royals fan since 1983 and I have to be honest I’m hanging on by a thread. I am this close (holding my thumb and index finger a fraction of an inch apart) to putting my loyalties up for the highest bid. I’m not a bandwagon kind of guy and I believe in loyalty but apparently the Royals don’t. They sell their best talent and fail to bring in more. You want to know what is so frustrating about the Royals pitching? They didn’t have any pitching last season either.

I realize the small market/revenue sharing issue but you have to try. You have to try to make smart trades. You have to try to keep good players and take a chance to go after great ones. You have to try to win.

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Tue 04/18/06, 8:25 am EST