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by user Enybo

Oops, sorry. I play too many jumbles. What I meant to say is CRAP as in what this season has been and all we’re going to get out of it is ____. More players lost and a future of uncertainty looming is all we can get from this dreadful basketball season. Yeah, I know the kids are good, could be better than we have seen in a long time. Just give them time to grow and mature together and the next few seasons are sure to look up.

But haven’t we heard it before. I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day (what a coincidence) where everyday I wake up to the same thing. Connelly, Augustin, Sanders, Brown, Brewington, and White have all come in played well and raised hopes about the future only to leave prematurely for another school or even division. I am not fooling myself into thinking any of them have, or had in this case, enough talent to make the NBA, but they all could have been very good players for PC and added much needed depth throughout the year.

So as another season comes to an end, we look to the inevitable, the first season that PC will not play in the Big East Tourney. If they wish to make the trip to New York, they really need to play their arses off for the last month. But when all is said and done, there will be no NCAA appearance this year, not even an NIT invite. The optimists will look towards the future and what may be possible for the fab 4 of Efejuku, Curry, McDermott, and Kale. They will be joined by 6’11” freshman Ray Hall next year. Throw in a Hanke and throw out wife beater, well girlfriend beater, and you have a very promising team for Providence standards.

But that’s exactly my point, they are promising and nothing more. Nothing is certain until they are all back next year. If everyone remains they will boast a bigger frontcourt than I can remember. They will have guards that can slash and penetrate. But until they do, here is my proposal to Bob Driscoll, AD of PC, if one of these players leaves, any one, I don’t care who it is, tell that player to buy another ticket out of town for Timmy Welsh. Enough is enough. I give him credit for the recruiting job he has done. However, he has failed to keep talent and therefore has been forced to rebuild every year. That’s ok for a program that can bring in top talent that can play right away, but not good enough for a school like PC. I hope you’re listening Bob, its for the benefit of the basketball program.