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  • Conference: 1975, 1993
  • Division:
Arenas Front Office


Current roster

Leandro Barbosa

Raja Bell

Boris Diaw

Gordan Giricek

Grant Hill

Linton Johnson III

Sean Marks

Steve Nash

Shaquille O'Neal

Eric Piatkowski

Brian Skinner

Amare Stoudemire

D.J. Strawberry

Alando Tucker

Retired Numbers

5 - Dick Van Arsdale
6 - Walter Davis
7 - Kevin Johnson
9 - Dan Majerle
24 - Tom Chambers
33 - Alvan Adams
34 - Charles Barkley
42 - Connie Hawkins
44 - Paul Westphal
Joe Proski - Trainer
Cotton Fitszimmons - Head Coach
Jerry Colangelo - President

General Managers

Head Coaches



1992-93 - Charles Barkley
2004-05 - Steve Nash
2005-06 - Steve Nash

Rookie of the Year

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Career Records

Single Season Records

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Davis with the Warriors
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