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Last Thursday, Pedro Martinez went "Wild Thang" on the Washington Nationals pegging three batters in six innings. It really got interesting when Martinez decided to plunk Washington National’s Jose Guillen for the second time, something Guillen wasn’t too happy about. Guillen began rushing the mound before being stopped by the umpire, thus creating a dug-out clearing "altercation". Now, most would believe after seeing this that Pedro is the biggest idiot to ever play baseball, but is he? How do we know if Pedro isn’t just planning all of this?

Pedro is the smartest player to ever play the game. What makes him so great is how he knows how to get a player out of their zone and into his. Take last week’s contest against the Nats for example. Every time a batter came up to the plate against Martinez they were shitting their pants. They were so scared that Pedro was going to attempt to brush them off, causing them to play Pedro’s game and not their own.

Dale Earnhardt owns the title "The Intimidator" but I think it’s time to pass it to Pedro.

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Wed 04/12/06, 2:47 pm EST