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On January 1, 2006, New England Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie came in to kick an extra point. He did so by executing a "drop-kick," the first such extra point in over fifty years. That play will likely mark the end of Flutie's football career.

Combine a historic moment marking the end of a Boston legend, and the obvious side-result: someone won't give up the ball.

This time, it has nothing to do with Doug Mientkiewicz.

When Flutie kicked the point in question, the Patriots lined up as if they were going for a two-point conversion. Therefore, the officials did not raise the net behind the goal posts. The ball fluttered through the uprights and unabated into the stands. For weeks, the Patriots have been trying to track down the ball so that it could go to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Finally, the possessor, through his attorney, contacted the Pats via fax, demanding:

  1. $100,000, upon delivery of the ball to the Patriots,
  2. A guarantee of eight season tickets in the end zone for the next 25 years (to be paid for by the ballhog), and
  3. A Tom Brady jersey signed by next year's full roster.

A member of the Patriots organization told reporters that the team will ignore the demand, only to comment "I hope he enjoys the football." The possessor claims that he has received a "number of offers" for the football thus far, so whether that happens will remain to be seen.


January 30, 2006