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As an avid NY Mets fan, I feel that Willie Randolph needs to get his head out of his ass and use this starting lineup. I will give my reasoning as to why after each player named:

  1. Jose Reyes - although his OBP is extremely low (~.300 last year) he undoubtedly provideds a spark at the top of the lineup. Switch hitter. Once on base, he drives pitchers crazy, steals bases with ease, and can score from first on a double better than anyone else in the league. A shoe-in for 100 runs scored.

  2. Carlos Beltran - switch hitting, contact hitter, very quick, steals bases, can score easily. Batting in the 2-hole will take the pressure of being a pure power hitter off of him, can rely on Wright/Delgado/Floyd to drive him in. Will be able to provide power and should knock in 100 while scoring about 110.

  3. David Wright - High OBP, clutch power hitter. No brainer here. 110+ runs scored, 100+ rbi's.

  4. Carlos Delgado - Stud. .400+ obp, .550 slg, 115+ rbi, 110+ runs scored. Best power hitter on the club, again a no brainer in the four hole.

  5. Cliff Floyd - powerful lefty will have 2 stud OBP men in front of him. If he stays healthy should have no problem driving in 100+ runs.

  6. Victor Diaz - Mini-Manny, despite his defensive liabilities, is a pure hitter. Provides 20-25hr power and an expanding knowledge of the strike zone.

  7. Paul Lo Duca - clutch contact hitter. Should drive in 70-80 runs while getting on base at a strong .340 clip. Solid #7 hitter.

  8. Kazuo Matsui - Pray.