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Vandeweghe is one of the NBA legacy stories, as father Ernie had been a key New York Knickerbocker on teams that went to three NBA Finals in the early 1950s. The 6'7 highly-developed forward starred at UCLA before entering the NBA. Vandeweghe's career was one which was known for his calculating smarts and efficiency. He was one of the most-accurate shooting forwards of the 1980s, and rarely ever took a bad or off-balance shot. Vandeweghe was one the high-scoring 1980s Denver Nuggets stars, along with Alex English and Dan Issel. A small-forward like English, Vandeweghe was dealt to Portland, and then later to the New York Knicks. In posting averages of well-over 25 points per game in several seasons, Vandeweghe was a multiple-time NBA All Star selection.



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Kiki Vandeweghe

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Vandewegh, Kiki