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Scott Kazmir had his second bad performance of the year in his start against the Yankees on a rainy Tuesday night in a 9-1 loss in the Bronx. As the 22-year old lefty was outdueled by veteran Mike Mussina, Tampa Bay fans have to be asking themselves "What If?". Kazmir, the probably-will-miss prospect, was dealt to the Rays from the Mets in 2004 for the "mechanically sound" Victor Zambrano. Zambrano would have clearly made a great impact on this talented up and coming team. In fact, the Yankees probably wouldn't have even played Tuesday night out of fear, had Zambrano been seen warming up in the Rays bullpen for the game. However, Kazmir must now pitch the rest of the season being compared to one of the greatest Devil Ray pitchers of all time.

Kazmir pitched 5 innings, giving up 3 earned runs, 7 hits, and 5 walks, while striking out only 2 batters.

"This is just ridiculous", said Devil Ray fan Peter Gellitime after the game. "One start he is great, one start he is mediocre. Well Scott, what is it going to be??? At least with Zambrano, we knew we were getting mediocrity every time. This Kazmir clown better get his act together, or I'll have to start complaining about the trade for the next 4 seasons".

Derek Jeter and Jason Giambi each had 3 RBIs to lead the Yanks offense.


Tue 04/25/06, 9:09 pm EST

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