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==Biography==1978.-1988. Josip was born in Mostar, Bosnia and Hezegovina, on January 17, 1978. He showed certain interest in sports even in the early years. When he was just a first grade pupil, his teacher Ms. Ana Federizzi said to our mother Slavka: I think Josip is going to be an athlete!. During that time a lot of friends suggested our parents to take Josip to practice basketball. So…

1988.-1992. He started to practice basketball when he was ten. He was 182 cm tall at the time. His first club was BC KOS (Basket) and the coaches were Mr. Miljenko Dzidic and Mr. Branko Princ. The only problem was that a senior team couldn't be formed, because the oldest among the players was a 17-year-old boy. Since Josip was so young, our father Marinko allowed him to go to practice only if I went with along. So I started to practice in the same team. In the 1991. Josip was supposed to go to Sarajevo (Bosnia), but in that year the war started in Croatia, and our father thought it better for Josip to stay at home in Mostar because political situation wasn't so good in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although, at the time in Bosnia was peace. At the time, he was 13 and already 191 cm tall.
1992.-1993. In that year (1992.) he actually left Mostar to go to Split (BC Croatia Osiguranje, better known as BC Jugoplastika). But Mr. Mladen Sestan, who was at the time the coach of the junior team, thought Josip wasn't good enough for them. So he suggested him to go to BC Sibenik (Sibenik) or BC Cibona (Zagreb). Our father thought Zagreb was a better solution, so they went there. Only, it wasn't BC Cibona that they visited. Our oncle Mr. Mate Ivankovic took them to another club, BC Zagreb (Zagreb). Mr. Andrej Tesla was the coach there. I could say that this was the point where my brother's career as professional basketball player started. He stayed in BC Zagreb for the next six seasons. In the meanwhile, he grew to a 197 cm tall shooting guard.
1999. After six succesufull seasons in BC Zagreb he signed his second professional contract, namely with BC Cibona (Zagreb).
2000. He was drafted for the NBA by the Seattle Supersonics (47 overall pick, rights traded to Boston Celtics for the two future second-round draft picks).

Ivica Sesar


Season 2005/2006 Adriatic League: 32:30 MPG; 28.5 PPG, 62.1% 2 pt; 46.4% 3 pt; 2.5 REB; 2.3 ASS; 1.3 steals


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Josip Sesar

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Position: Point guard/Shooting guard

Team: BC Zagreb (Croatia)

Uniform Number: 19

Years in League: 14

Age: 29

Height: 6'6/197 cm

Weight: 203/92 kg

College: none

Selection: 47th overall (2nd round in 2000 draft)

Drafted By: Seattle Supersonics

NBA Debut:

Salary: -

Date of Birth: January 17, 1978

Place of Birth: Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina