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The S. Ray Hickok Belt was a trophy awarded to the top professional athlete of the year. It was awarded in honor of the founder of the Hickok Manufacturing Company of Rochester, New York, which made belts, hence the choice of a belt as a trophy.

The trophy was an alligator-skin belt with a solid gold buckle, an encrusted 4 carat (800 mg) diamond, and 26 gem chips. It was valued at over $10,000 in the currency of the time.

For the first 21 years, from 1950 to 1970, it was awarded in Rochester. After the Hickok company was taken over by the Tandy Corporation, the award was made in larger cities such as Chicago or New York.

The last award was made in 1976.


1950Phil Rizzutobaseball
1951Allie Reynoldsbaseball
1952Rocky Marcianoboxing
1953Ben Hogangolf
1954Willie Maysbaseball
1955Otto Grahamfootball
1956Mickey Mantlebaseball
1957Carmen Basilioboxing
1958Bob Turleybaseball
1959Ingemar Johanssonboxing
1960Arnold Palmergolf
1961Roger Marisbaseball
1962Maury Willsbaseball
1963Sandy Koufaxbaseball
1964Jim Brownfootball
1965Sandy Koufaxbaseball
1966Frank Robinsonbaseball
1967Carl Yastrzemskibaseball
1968Joe Namathfootball
1969Tom Seaverbaseball
1970Brooks Robinsonbaseball
1971Lee Trevinogolf
1972Steve Carltonbaseball
1973O. J. Simpsonfootball
1974Muhammad Aliboxing
1975Pete Rosebaseball
1976Ken Stablerfootball

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