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by User:Pean

Last week, Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim did a lot of complaining over the Big East schedule.

"I've never been more disappointed to look at our schedule and see that we'd be playing a game Wednesday on the road, then Saturday on the road at 8 o'clock - when Connecticut played that day at noon - and then have to come back here Monday night and play," Boeheim said. "Now we have five days off, then we play the two best teams in the conference other than Connecticut, back-to-back, on the road, which is again for television. That's just crazy to have to do that."

Maybe Jimmy is upset that his team does not play the rebuilding Providence Friars (2-5 BE, 9-9 Overall) this year at all. Well you know what? I bet Providence feels the same way now, after seeing Seton Hall take them on their own court Sunday Night. Syracuse looks nothing more than ordinary this year, and is only ranked out of reputation. Maybe if their Out of Conferece Schedule featured more than 1 tough game (@ Florida) and actually had them leave the confines of their Dome, they would be more prepared for the New Big East.

The New BEAST is absolutely loaded this year, and currently sports the #1 Team in the Nation (UCONN). Does your team want to be at the top of the standings? Well then you should have to battle it out with the best of the conference. Come NCAA selection Sunday, everyone will know that you played a tough schedule and you will be rewarded. Hey, maybe the tough games will even help the players in the pressure packed NCAA tournament games. *IF* they get selected.