ArmchairGM Wiki

Want to see how many times you've voted? Or how many pages you've edited? How about how many opinions have made the front page? Or your net score when others rate your comments?

Now you can! Just add {{User Stats}} -- squiggles and all -- to your user page!

Sample user stats:

<userstats> User=User Stats </userstats>

  • Your Number is your registration number. If you were the 325th person to sign up, you'd be #325.
  • Overall Rank is where you are on the Top Users list, even if you're not yet high enough to make the list.
  • # Votes Cast is how many votes you've cast, while logged in, on articles (not on comments).
  • # Edits is how many times you've edited a page, again while logged in.
  • # Opinions Created is how many opinion articles you've written. If you write one while logged out, simply change the line that says [[Category:Opinions by User]] (or whatever IP address appears) by replacing the IP with your user name. Then do the same with the line that says by user [[User:|]].
  • # Opinions Promoted is how many of your opinions made it to the "good stuff" section on the front page (which is a pretty cool thing!). If you authored it while logged out, use the same directions as above to fix it.
  • # Comments is the number of comments you've written on others articles.
  • Comment Score is the positive votes assigned to your comments minus the negative votes.