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Opinions An Opinion Clubhouse is a unique feature of ArmchairGM. Like a blog, the Clubhouse is a way for individual users to collect and display their opinions. The Clubhouse acts as a personal repository of that user's takes on the world of sports.

Creating Your Clubhouse

  1. Create an account. Whenever you write an opinion, be sure you're signed in.
  2. On your user page, put {{Clubhouse}}, squiggles and all. (Your user page can be accessed by clicking "My page" over at the left anytime you are logged in.)
  3. Write your opinion.

Clubhouse Features

You get:

  1. Your 15 newest opinions displayed, replete with an RSS feed!
  2. Your 15 top vote-getters displayed on your page.
  3. A link to your archives.
  4. The ability to put player statistics on in your articles.
  5. Plus, if they get enough votes, your articles will appear on player, team, league, or the front pages.

You can further personalize your page by adding images, your bio, or fan boxes -- or anything else you can think of!