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Many user pages will have boxes on them proclaiming the user as a fan of a certain team. These fans have added this box by putting a template on their page. This was done by putting {{Team Name Fan}} on the page, where "Team Name" is, as you may have guessed, the name of the team (or school). Not only does this put the neat little box on that user's page, but it also adds them to a category of users who have joined that team's fan club.

For example, putting {{New York Mets Fan}} on your user page will add your username to the Category:New York Mets fans page and will display the following tag on your user page:

NYM This user is a Mets fan.

You can access a list of these users by going to the team or school page and clicking "Fans" on the navigation bar. If you have added the appropriate template to your page, you should appear there too.

You may want to make a table of your fan boxes, so that they're neatly organized on your page. If you read the first section of "table" help, you can do it easily.

You can also create an add boxes for players you like. Check out Category:Player Fan Tags for more information.