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It seems as if I know absolutely nothing about basketball when looking at the way I picked the Final Four. I went 1 of 3 with the only correct pick being Florida over George Mason. I said that LSU would out muscle UCLA and that the Bruins wouldn’t have the offense to keep up with the Tigers. I was wrong!

I said that UCLA’s defense would frustrate the Gators and shut down their explosive offense. Wrong again!

I said that this championship game would be a close entertaining game that would go down to the wire. BLOWOUT and I was wrong one more time. Bye the way did anyone else feel that this was the best NCAA tournament ever until we got to the Final Four? You could have walked away from any one of the three Final Four games thinking that you just saw a #1 seed play a #16 seed.

Congratulations to the Florida Gators for running UCLA off the floor to bring home not only the first NCAA basketball championship for the school but the first in the state of Florida.

Now the Gators will face their toughest opponent this spring, the NBA. If this team stays together they would start next season as the top team in the country and make a strong run at back-to-back titles. With the NBA dangling millions of dollars over these kid’s heads Billy Donovan’s biggest recruiting battle will take place on his own campus. Posted at My Opinion on Sports -


Tue 04/04/06, 9:05 am EST