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ArmchairGM's mission is to create the largest free, up-to-date, and reliable open-content sports website. So far we have 12,189 articles written and edited by sports fans like you. The site has three pillars which give you, the sports fan, the ability to take sports information, news, and opinion into the 21st century.

  • News by Fans, for Fans. From breaking stories to game recaps, the mainstream news media has one author contributing his or her view as to the events at hand. Quite often, incomplete or erroneous information is published -- and never corrected. ArmchairGM news is written by the community, with the best stories voted up to prominent points throughout the site. To learn how to create a new story, click here.
  • The Next Generation in Online Sports Opinions. You read Sports Illustrated. You visit regularly. You read many sports blogs, and may even write one. ArmchairGM takes opinion to the next level. Anyone -- anyone -- can write and publish their take on anything they want. Complain about a trade. Laud your team's chances this season. Explain why Jose Reyes shouldn't lead off or why Bert Blyleven was better than Jack Morris. Whatever you want. And unlike a blog, you don't need to go out and solicit readers for your opinion articles. And you do not need to continually write, keeping content fresh so that readers come back. ArmchairGM does that for you. To learn more about opinions, click here.