According to a new book Game of Shadow, written by two San Francisco Chronicle Reporters, Barry Bonds began using steroids in 1998, injecting his his buttocks full of Winstrol. The authors report that when Bonds broke Mark McGwire's homerun record in 2001, Bonds used two designer steroids referred to as the Cream and the Clear, as well as insulin, human growth hormone, testosterone decanoate (a fast-acting steroid known as Mexican beans) and trenbolone, a steroid created to improve the muscle quality of cattle.

Bonds usage was tracked by BALCO. The company kept extensive records outlining the drugs, intervals, testosterone levels, and quatities coursing through Bonds enhanced body. Some of these records wound up in the hands of federal agents when they raided BALCO on Sept. 3, 2003. According to the book, Bonds injecting himself with a syringe and was injected by his trainer Greg Anderson. Bonds swallowed pills, placed drops of liquid under his tongue, and topically applied testosterone-based cream. Bonds drug use was so serious that he consumed upwards of 20 pills at a time.

The initial drug use soon turned to dependence as Bonds demanded that Anderson to start three-week "cycles" when he was not due to begin one. Bonds re-started these cycles whenever he felt his energy and power begin to drop. When Anderson tried to temper Bonds, Bonds would offer to do it himself.

In 1995-1997, Bonds averaged slightly over 38 HRs per season. In 1998 and 1999, Bonds hit 37 HRs and 34 HRs respectively, although Bonds only played 102 games in 1999. From 2000-2004, however, Bonds HR produced jumped dramatically averaging 51.6 HRs per year.

Bonds Statistics 1995-1998

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Bonds Statistics Since 1998

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