A bomb-sniffing dog discovered a suspicious package at San Diego's Cox Arena. Authorities evacuated the building. The arena is to host two games in the first-round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament today; tenth seeded Alabama versus seven seed Marquette, and fourth seed Illinois versus Air Force (13).

The early game (Alabama/Marquette) has been delayed. The late game, scheduled to start at 7:25 ET, is listed as on time as of 2:35 ET.

Update 2:54 EST: Authorities removed a 4" by 6" condiment container from the arena, and sounded the all-clear. People will be re-entering the builing shortly; the Alabama/Marquette game will tipoff at about 4:00 ET.

Also note that the foreign substance was located before the arena opened. Only a "handful" of vendors were evacuated.


Thu 03/16/06, 2:34 pm EST



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