According to Forbes, the New York Yankees are worth just over $1 billion, almost as much as the next two teams (Boston Red Sox, $617m; and New York Mets, $604m), combined. Seven teams are worth between $200m and $250m. The most valuable division is the American League East, valued at $2,497m, followed by the National League East valued at $2,099m. The American Least East and Central are the least valuable divisions valued at $1,414m and $1,383m respectively.

Money seems to make a difference. The American League East has the highest total value and account for nearly a third of all World Series victories since 1980. The National League East has the second highest total value and accounts for 20% of all World Series Victories. The American League Central, although second to last in total value, has also captured 20% of World Series victories.

Teams Values (from Forbes)

Team Value (in millions)
New York Yankees 1,026
Boston Red Sox 617
New York Mets 604
Los Angeles Dodgers 482
Chicago Cubs 448
Washington Nationals 440
St. Louis Cardinals 429
Seattle Mariners 428
Philadelphia Phillies 424
Houston Astros 416
San Francisco Giants 410
Atlanta Braves 405
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 368
Baltimore Orioles 359
San Diego Padres 354
Texas Rangers 353
Cleveland Indians 352
Chicago White Sox 315
Arizona Diamondbacks 305
Colorado Rockies 298
Detroit Tigers 292
Toronto Blue Jays 286
Cincinnati Reds 274
Pittsburgh Pirates 250
Kansas City Royals 239
Milwaukee Brewers 235
Oakland Athletics 234
Florida Marlins 226
Minnesota Twins 216
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 209

Divisional Values

Division Value (in millions) World Series Victories Since 1980 % of Total World Series Victories
AL East 2,497 8 32%
NL East 2,099 5 20%
NL West 1,849 3 12%
NL Central 1,817 2 28%
AL Central 1,414 5 20%
AL West 1,383 2 8%


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