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Bill Parcells is one of the greatest coaches ever to play the game. However, that fact obscures his complete failures as a college talent evaluator. His performance at the NFL draft as General Manager of the Jets has to rank with the worst ever. And I don't mean the worst ever Jet which would be saying a lot considering Dave Cadigan and Blair Thomas. I mean worst ever in the history of the NFL. Here are the facts.

As GM of the Jets, by my calculations, Bill Parcells made 39 selections. Of that 39, 25 were basically out of the league after 5 years or less having made no contribution. that's an astonishing 64% of his jets draft picks.

In his first draft as Jets GM, in 1997, The Jets had the 1st overall pick and a chance at Orlando Pace. Instead the Jets traded won TWICE to the 8th overall slot and drafted James Farrior, who was mediocre as a Jet even though he was been good as a Steeler. In return, the Jets got additional draft picks which they spent on Rick Terry, Dedric Ward, Terry Day, Leon Johnson, Lamont Burns, Ray Austin, Tim Scharf, Chuck Clements, and Steve Rosga. Saving this draft from being among the worst in modern sports was that with the 12th to last pick in the entire draft, Parcells nabbed Jason Ferguson who has enjoyed a long a decent career. Looking at this draft, The Jets passed on one of the best LTs ever and of the guys they drafted 7 of them would be out of football within 3 years.

When people talk about Parcells drafting, the saving grace is often the 2000 draft when the Jets had 4 1st rd. picks. Reflecting back on that draft now it does not seem as good as it once did. Pennington has failed to meet the expectations based on his early play, and Anthony Becht is another of a long line of Jets 1st rd tight end failures. However, the most damning thing about this draft is that to get these picks, Bill Parcells gave up the most valuable Jet since Joe Namath, Bill Belichek. It was Parcells ego and domineering presence that forced Little Bill to bring his genius to the hated rivel Patriots. No amount of John Abraham sacks can compensate for that.

Here is a player by player breakdown of Bill Parcell's Jets draft record:

Complete Failures

Good Players

Made Reasonable Contributions as a Player Somewhere

In a Category all by himself until further performance dictates his move up or down: Chad Pennington


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