Syracuse vs Cincinnati: This was a close game the entire way that kept me on the edge of my seat. McNamara really did a great job taking this Syracuse team and putting them on his back. Although Gerry played fairly poor down the stretch, he made one beautiful pass and of course the prime time shot. The last shot, was a fantastic piece of history for us to witness. Cincinnati looked fairly athletic, and should have won this game. Their interior defense was their downfall, as Syracuse got behind them and to the rim easily.

Georgetown vs University of Notre Dame: The beginning of the game sure was interesting start. That 11-0 run, although impressive, looked and was a fluke. Georgetown showed that they would own the glass even when they were playing poorly. The game got real interesting when both teams decided that the perimeter was where they would get it done. It seemed like all the players decided to disregard the college three. I was rooting for Notre Dame to win, but I was impressed by Georgetown’s defense, especially on Quinn.

Seton Hall vs Rutgers: What a sloppy game period. The game started off very slow and sluggish. Rutgers picked it up eventually, but Seton Hall did not. Kelly Whitney was a major disappointment. Quincy Douby played fairly well which was to be expected. Donald Copeland matched a career high with 28, but his effort was wasted. As a side note, anyone else feel the officiating was favoring Rutgers a bit? Saw a bunch of sketchy calls, but the officiating wasn’t the best throughout the starter of the tournament.

Pittsburgh vs Louisville: We almost saw an instant classic. If Louisville came back from that 28 point defecit, oh boy. In the beginning it was an embarrassment. Pittsburgh was winning 22-2 at one point! Slowly but surely Taquan Dean came into his own and the rest of the Louisville team remembered they played D1 basketball. Pittsburgh is going to advance to play West Virginia, and believe it or not, I think they are better after this game. They got complacent and lazy when they were killing Louisville. The near comeback served as an awakening, and I would hope Pittsburgh has learned from that. That was a close one, and I was pleasantly surprised it became a game after the first part of the game was a snooze fest.


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