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The good news is that Glen Davis led LSU in scoring. The bad news is that the Tigers’ leading scorer only scored 14 points on 5-17 shooting. When you have an off-night in NCAA basketball it can be bad. When you have that off-night in the final four it can be detrimental.

Aided by a UCLA defense that had frustrated everyone they have come across the LSU Tigers got absolutely nothing going on Saturday night. UCLA’s athleticism was on display and the Bruins ran the Tigers out of the gym.

Let me just say that I couldn’t have been more wrong about this game and that was evident after watching for just a few minutes.

The Florida Gators sent Cinderella packing in the early game. Someone had to tell George Mason that the clock had struck Midnight and the Gators were more than happy to be the messengers.

Lee Humphrey exploded to start the second half and Florida never looked back. The Patriots just didn’t have the depth or athleticism to run 40 minutes with the Gators.

There should be little doubt in anyone’s mind that the two best teams have advanced to Monday night’s championship game. Both teams are stacked with athletes who can jump out of the gym but defense wins championships and there is none better than UCLA. That is why the Bruins will be cutting down the nets in Indy. Posted at My Opinion on Sports -


Sun 04/02/06, 7:10 am EST

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