by user Awrigh01

With a number of young first-baseman in the American league, I wanted to know which of the following will be the best in terms of fantasy productions when its all said and done. In other words, out of the following list of players, which player has the best long-term value. Here are the young players:

Ryan Howard

<stats> Player=Ryan Howard Type=Batting </stats>

Chad Tracy

<stats> Player=Chad Tracy Type=Batting </stats>

Chris Shelton

<stats> Player=Chris Shelton Type=Batting </stats>

Mike Jacobs

<stats> Player=Mike Jacobs Type=Batting </stats>

Justin Morneau

<stats> Player=Justin Morneau Type=Batting </stats>

Prince Fielder

<stats> Player=Prince Fielder Type=Batting </stats>

Nick Swisher

<stats> Player=Nick Swisher Type=Batting </stats>


Thu 03/16/06, 2:54 pm EST

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