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by user Enybo

I was sitting on my couch one night watching Sunday Night baseball listening to Joe Morgan talk about what Jacque Jones is doing wrong with his swing when he smacks the ball to straight away center for a three run homer. So I decided I need write about the thing I love the most. No, not the Cubs . . . not my wife either, ok so maybe “the thing I love the most” is a little extreme, but it is something I enjoy very much, summertime beer. What Joe Morgan has to do with any of this, I have no idea, maybe I just felt I need to get loaded in order for him to make any sense. But anyway, I am going to list my top five baseball beers. Since beer is beer, I will not have any limitations on this list. If you prefer to drink Sam Adams Winter Lager while watching the game, so be it. The only criteria I will put on the list is that the beer must be one of my favorite summer baseball beers. There will be a completely different list for “Best Playoff Beer” when the time is right. So without further ado, here is the list:

6: Old Style


I know what you’re thinking, “I thought this was a top five list?” Well, then, I guess this is more of an honorary mention. Since I am a Cubs fan I had to include this on the list. It is not a fantastic beer, but it is one that reminds me of summer, of being at the ballpark, and most importantly of the Cubs. A Wisconsin beer that has been brewing since 1902 has been a staple of Wrigley field since 1950. The Cubbie experience is not complete without a taste of the Old Style.

5: Miller Light/Bud Light


I am not so naïve as to think everyone prefers one of these over the other. There are those that prefer Bud Light and those that go for Miller light, so I have included them both. I’d rather order the latter. A light beer that it is perfect for the summer and goes with just about anything. Whether enjoying a bar-b-q with a bunch of friends or playing a game of softball after work, the Miller/Bud connection is right for any occasion.


4: Pete’s Wicked Strawberry Blonde


Might be the best summer non-seasonal beer there is. Did that make any sense? What I am trying to say is this, this beer is great. Every sip is like eating a mouthful of strawberries, but I guess you need to like strawberries in order to enjoy this beverage. Smooth and fruitful, I look forward to any occasion that will allow me to grab one of ice cold beauties. The only thing that’s missing is some whip cream and a sexy woman, but then again, this is baseball we’re talking about, not dating.


3: Samuel Adams Summer Ale


As some of you know, I am not including this beer on my list because I live in Boston, though it does help, but I am placing this one third because it deserves to be here. A crisp, light beer that is not overpowering when the weather starts to heat up. It is very smooth, and contains a nice citrus taste that keeps you cool on the warm summer nights. A great beer for those nights when Big Papi feels like hitting a handful of homeruns or Schilling and Johnson get stuck in pitchers duel.


2: Harpoon Summer Brew


Runner-up goes to another Boston brew that can be summed up with one word, refreshing. This was a very close second and loses out only because the next beer on this list appeals to my taste buds just a little bit more. But please, don’t let that dissuade you. If you are ever offered a Harpoon Summer, accept with open arms and be grateful you are able to enjoy one of the finest libations ever brewed.


1: Pete's Wicked Rally Cap Ale


This is my most favorite beer to drink while watching my most favorite sport. The brewers add a splash of lemon to the ingredients which makes for an extremely tasty beer that is very pleasing to the tongue. It’s not overpowering and is also very light so can you keep drinking these even if the game goes into extra innings. For me, it doesn’t get any closer to perfection then this. Well, actually it does get a little bit closer with . . . oh no, you’ll have to wait for playoffs to find the answer.


Honorable mentions

  • Old Slugger Ale by Cooperstown Brewing Company – This was a stronger beer with a very robust taste. I liked the flavor but thought it was a bit too carbonated. Still a great beer for a great game.
  • Goose Island Summertime – I have to stay strong to my Chicago roots, and this one brings me back to the days of roaming around Wrigleyville on a warm summer night after watching the Cubs beat up on the Cardinals.

But don’t let me be the final judge on the best baseball drink. I am a beer lover and would love to find another beer to add to my list so please feel free to add your own beer below and let myself and the readers know what to expect when we crack open our next bottle.


Mon 05/01/06, 4:16 am EST

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