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Rules and Exceptions

Rule 1:This can be used late in the game when only 1 run is needed. It's best for an insurance run (the team on offense has a lead of 1 to 2 runs)when the batters in the line up to follow are not likely to hit a fly ball for a tag up scoring play at home plate.

Exceptions: Don't squeeze with a power hitter at the plate or a higher average hitter. They could put a fly ball into play or simply get a base hit to score the run.

Rule 2:Never squeeze with no outs. Squeeze with 1 out. There is always a good chance that the runner at third can score on a weak ground ball, one hit in a hole, or up the middle towards second base.


Rule 3: The batter must keep the barrel of the bat in an up position so the ball will be bunted into the ground.

Rule 4: The batter must bunt EVERYTHING, just because the ball bounces does not mean he should not bunt it, if its away then throw the bat at it.(only defense for a pitcher is to throw at the batter in hoping for a dead ball so the hitter will return to 3rd)

Notable Suicide Squeezes

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