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Rules and Exceptions

Rule 1: Intentional walks with close games should be done in order to place runners in scoring position into a force play situation to increase the chances of ending an inning by creating infield play options (force out at any base, double play, infield fly rule).


With runners in scoring position and nobody on first, a weak batter at the plate is better left in the hands of the pitcher than as a potential asset to the offense as a base runner.

Rule 2: Intentionally walking the hot batter that has gone 3 for 3 or 4 for 4 for the night could be the smart move that saves the game in the late innings.


If the lineup immediately following the ball killer is strong, this strategy would only increase the offenses chances of scoring.

Intenational Walk Leaderboard

Barry Bonds has been intentionally walked more than any other player in major league history.

Intentional Walks that Backfired

Managers Known for Using/Not Using the Intentional Walk

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