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A "LOOGY" is a Lefty One-Out Guy, also known as a "situational left-handed relief pitcher."

Rules and Exceptions

Rule 1:This will work against a batter is awful against lefty pitching -- typically a left-handed batter with a big platoon split.

Exceptions: However, some lefties are better against southpaws.

Rule 2:


Notable LOOGY's

Untested Theory

With a smattering of lefties and righties set to come up in one inning (say the opposing manager decides to give you Lefty, Righty, Lefty, Righty, etc.), would it not be a good idea (or at least one worth consideration) to swap a LOOGY with your worst outfielder, then switch off the LOOGY and righty specialist already on the mound to get favorable matchups while retaining bullpen flexibility for later innings?

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