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What can I say? The Giants shocked the world last night. They put so many feet to mouths you would think New Englanders have fetishes. Now I'm not going to say it was Brady's ankle or complain about calls (but how the hell did Amani Toomer get away with that face mask in the first quarter). I congratulate the dozens of actual Giants fans, the millions of Patriots haters and the '72 Miami Dolphins who are still the only perfect team. Now the only thing that can stop them is Alzheimer's. Nevertheless, the Patriots have records that may never be touched and they didn't make it to the top of the perfection ladder but man oh man were they close.

As for the game itself, it was incredible (until the end). I watched a lot of Giants games this season (I don't know why they seemed to always be on primetime this year) so when the Pats went up 14-10, I knew that Eli in the 2 minute drill is like really Peyton like. Then the "sack", I have no idea how he escaped that pile but that was a classic "Holy S###" play. Sort of like Robert Horry open in the corner in the clutch, Vince Young with a running lane, or David Ortiz in the bottom of the ninth. When Tyree caught that ball, part of me braced myself for what was about to happen. Then came the Burress TD (why the hell wasn't Asante on him). Then came the Hail Mary, they should've had another reciever going down the right sideline I mean Tom is good but throwing 75 yards across is body? There is a few that can pull that off. As for the Belichick walking off the field, before you start saying your new favorite word classless bear in mind that half the team was wearing SB Champion hats before BB even took off his headset.

The Patriots didn't choke; the Giants went out and executed. Even though Patriots haters want to believe that Brady suddenly can't handle the pressure. I doubt two 30-something vets (Garcia, Favre) and the two best teams in the NFL(Patriots, Cowboys) ALL choked.

So the dynasty is over (even if they win another 4 in 8 or 4 in 9 doesn't sound as impressive as 3 in 4). But what bugs me is how unappreciative football fans are of what the Patriots did. So many people were rooting for failure but I guess years down the line they can look back and see that they could've witnessed something special. As for the Giants, no one remembers one and done teams and thanks for shutting up Tiki, as much as I would've loved a Boston triple crown at least some good came out of this. There's always next year. On to the next sport....Go Celtics!