Winter X Games 12: Day 4 Recap

The 2008 Winter X Games is officially in the books. Yesterday, possibly the most exciting day of the four-day event, was the final day of the exciting X Games held in Aspen, Colorado. Shaun White finished off the games with a Gold Medal in the Men's Snowboard SuperPipe Finals, redeeming himself after last year's Silver medal in the event.

Men's Ski Slopestyle Qualifying:

Twenty Skiers were fighting for ten spots in the Finals. Andreas Hatveit, one of the best skiers today, qualified first, and Jon Olsson, and Colby West qualified 2nd, and 3rd in the qualifying. Here is all ten skiers that qualified for the finals.

Results (Best Score):

Andreas Hatveit 91.33

Jon Olsson 89.33

Colby West 87.33

Charles Gagnier 85.33

Thomas Dolplads 83.33

JF Houle 77.66

Tanner Rainville 74.66

Jossi Wells 74.66

Anders Backe 72.00

Peter Olenick 66.33

Men's Ski Slopestyle Finals:

After his second run of 90.00, 17-year old Jossi Wells was headed for a Gold Medal in the Slopestyle. But, Andreas Hatveit was the last guy to take his second, and final run, and he beat Wells with a score of 94.00. So, Hatveit took the Gold, but Wells was still the youngest medalist in WXG history at the age of 17. The Skiing Slopestyle event was one of the most exciting events of the day (along with the Skier X, and SNB SuperPipe events). The ice had cooled off, making it hard, and slippery, which just makes it more fun to watch.

Results (Run 1/Run 2/Best Score):

GOLD: Andreas Hatveit (36.66/94.00/ 94.00)

SILVER: Jossi Wells (90.00/28.33/ 90.00)

BRONZE: Jon Olsson (87.00/82.00/ 87.00)

4TH: Colby West (22.33/85.00/ 85.00)

5TH: Charles Gagnier (83.00/55.00/ 83.00)

6TH: JF Houle (79.00/19.66/ 79.00)

7TH: Anders Backe (76.00/75.33/ 76.00)

8TH: Tanner Rainville (72.00/67.00/ 72.00)

9TH: Thomas Dolplads (40.00/70.66/ 70.66)

10TH: Peter Olenick (60.00/30.66/ 60.00)

Men's/Women's Skier X Finals:

The Skier X event (Men's and Women's), was probably the most dangerous event of the weekend, three skiers from the Men's Skier X, were sent to the hospital during the Quarterfinals, and four Men had DNF's. In the Women's Skier X Finals 2 Skiers had DNF's, while another, Jenny Owens, crashed, but was able to cross the finish line. All of the crashes were in the same spot on the course, the second-to-last jump. The ice was much slicker, and during the Men's Quarterfinal 2, 3 of the 6 riders did not finish the race, and all three of them would have advanced, had they not crashed. In fact, the wrld's fastest man on Skis, Daron Rahlves wouldn't have advanced, and he actually went on to win the Gold Medal in the event. Here are the results from both the Men's and Women's Skier X Finals.

Men's Results (Time):

Quarterfinals (Top 3 advance):

Heat 1

1 Chris Del Bosco (86.13)

2 Errol Kerr (86.60)

3 Luca Cattaneo (87.74)

4 Andreas Steffen (88.03)

5 Andersson (88.92)

6 Andreas Matt (89.26)

Heat 2

1 Daron Rahlves (86.62)

2 Tomas Kraus (86.73)

3 Audun Groenvold (88.93)

4 Lars Lewen DNF

5 Enak Gavaggioh DNF

6 Jake Fiala DNF

Heat 3

1 Casey Puckett (86.35)

2 Ted Piccard (86.38)

3 Michael Schmid (86.84)

4 Olivier Fabre (87.66)

5 Cody Smith (88.43)

6 Juha Haukkala DNF

Heat 4

1 Davey Barr (86.05)

2 Stanley Hayer (86.42)

3 Robin Lenel (88.94)

4 Kenji Kono (97.83)

5 Patrick Koller (127.76)

6 Brian Bennett DNF

Semifinals (Top 3 advance):

Semifinal 1

1 Errol Kerr (85.08)

2 Tomas Kraus (85.57)

3 Daron Rahlves (85.79)

4 Chris Del Bosco (85.85)

5 Luca Cattaneo (87.36)

6 Audun Groenvold (87.40)

Semifinal 2

1 Casey Puckett (86.22)

2 Michael Schmid (86.44)

3 Stanley Hayer (86.83)

4 Davey Barr (87.06)

5 Ted Piccard (87.48)

6 Robin Lenel (134.97)


GOLD: Daron Rahlves (86.05)

SILVER: Stanley Hayer (86.27)

BRONZE: Casey Puckett (86.61)

4TH: Michael Schmid (87.07)

5TH: Errol Kerr (87.61)

6TH: Tomas Kraus (98.62)

Women's Results (Time):


Heat 1a (Top 3 advance)

1 Hedda Bernsten (95.77)

2 Magdalena Jonsson (97.83)

3 Sasa Faric (107.78)

4 Meryll Boulangeat (190.22)

5 Karin Huttary DNF

6 Julia Murray DNF

Heat 1b (Top 3 advance)

1 Ophelie David (93.17)

2 Nori Fukushima (95.59)

3 Jenny Owens (95.86)

4 Anik Demers-Wild (96.58)

5 Seraina Murk (116.87)

6 Emilie Serain (119.73)


GOLD: Ophelie David (92.19)

SILVER: Hedda Bernsten (92.70)

BRONZE: Magdalena Jonsson (93.56)

4TH: Nori Fukushima (94.00)

5TH: Sasa Faric (94.35)

6TH: Jenny Owens (138.06)

Mono Ski Finals:

The Mono Skier Finals was just one race of 4 skiers. In case you didn't know, Mono Skiing, is just ONE ski, and it's kind of like Luging, actually. The event was on the same course as the Men's/Women's Slopestyle Skiing, and, surprisingly, there were NO crashes. Here are the medalists for the Mono Skiing Finals.

Results (Time):

GOLD: Kees-Jan van der Klooster (117.77)

SILVER: Tyler Walker (121.52)

BRONZE: Chris Devlin-Young (161.61)

4TH: Kevin Bramble (244.53)

Snowmobile Freestyle Finals:

Young Levi LaValle, who already won the Gold in the SnoCross Speed and Style event, was looking for another Gold to wrap up the 08 WXG. He did in fact, get that Gold medal, narrowly edging Joe Parsons, who was in his first X Games (along with LaVallee). LaVallee won by .33, which was probably the closest score in Snowmobile Freestyle Finals (in WXG) history.

Semifinals 1 (Seed)

(1) Joe Parsons- 84.00 def. (4) Heath Frisby- 63.66

Semifinals 2 (Seed)

(3) Levi LaVallee- 86.66 def. (2) Daniel Bodin- 83.66

Consolation (Finished)

(3) Heath Frisby- 84.00 def. (4) Daniel Bodin- 65.00

Final (Finished)

(1) Levi LaVallee- 87.66 def. (2) Joe Parsons- 87.33

Men's Snowboard SuperPipe Finals:

Save the BEST for LAST!!! The most anticipated event of the entire weekend. Will Shaun White redeem himself after last year's Silver Medal in the event?? Or will the 17-year old phenom (who...apparently came out of nowhere this year) beat White out, and take home the Gold??? Ryoh Aono, the 17-year old who qualified first for this event, was second place for the first two runs, and he apparently couldn't handle the pressure. Aono, who, for some reason, only took two runs, and finished 2nd after White's monster run ended the event, and gave him the Gold. What a way to end the Winter X Games.

Results (Run 1/ Run 2/Run 3/Best Score):

GOLD: Shaun White (93.00/91.66/96.66/ 96.66)

SILVER: Ryoh Aono (88.00/60.00/- -/ 88.00)

BRONZE: Kevin Pearce (53.33/39.00/85.66/ 85.66)

4TH: Mason Aguirre (84.33/30.00/52.33/ 84.33)

5TH: Kazuhiro Kokubo (81.66/82.66/83.00/ 83.00)

6TH: Antti Autti (30.33/19.33/82.00/ 82.00)

7TH: Danny Kass (81.33/21.66/- -/ 81.33)

8TH: Iouri Podladtchikov (73.00/73.66/34.33/ 73.66)

9TH: Gary Zebrowski (25.00/19.33/65.00/ 65.00)

10TH: Elijah Teter (20.33/24.00/52.33/ 52.33)

That'll just about wrap up my coverage of the 2008 Winter X Games, I enjoyed this year's, hopefully you did too. Be sure to check out my coverage of the 2008 Summer X Games, coming in August.

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