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Obviously you have all heard that T.O. was released by the Dallas Cowboys today. After weeks of avoiding the topic and giving mostly unbelievable comments about the situation Jerry Jones decided to take the 9 million cap hit and cut the cancer.

But the question now is... where should he go? Who should sign the (self proclaimed) best receiver? Obviously the Cowboys, 49ers, and Eagles are not going to consider it. At least one would hope the 9ers and Iggles wouldn't. So that leaves 29 teams. Let's take a look and see who will end up with him. I think you can eliminate the Dolphins, Vikings, and Ravens based on the coaches were either in Philly when T.O. blew up or with him in Dallas. I am sure there are other teams there too but those three are definite no's. Let's also eliminate the Giants, Redskins, Jets, Bills, Browns, Texans, Jaguars, Broncos, Raiders, Bears, Packers, Lions, Bucs, Falcons, Seahawks, and Rams. There is no way the quarterback on those teams could handle T.O. That leaves 10 teams. Now let's eliminate Pittsburgh. I really don't see the Steelers risking their chemistry for T.O. Next are the Carolina Panthers. Steve Smith surely doesn't want him there and they have bigger problems to worry about. The Colts are an interesting thought though. I think they could use him and I think Peyton could control him but I really don't think Peyton would allow them to sign him. So that leaves us with 7 teams that might make a play at him. The Patriots, Bengals, Titans, Chargers, Chiefs, Saints, and Cardinals. Let's examine those possibilities a little more:

Patriots They might be excited to have Owens on one side with Randy Moss on the other and Wes Welker in the slot. The passing game would be UNBELIEVABLE. And if they can get him for say one year... it might be possible. He can behave for a season. But the risk is can he get along with Moss? Rumor has it that they don't really care for each other and surely each thinks they are good enough to win a Super Bowl without the other. I say... a distinct possibility.

Bengals They are probably not interested since the just signed Laveranues Coles, but they were (and maybe still are) looking for a big time WR after letting Housh leave via free agency. You put him, Ocho Cinco, and Coles on the field and you have a very solid receiving group. But will he be too much for Carson Palmer to handle? And can Marvin Lewis control him at all? I doubt it but I wouldn't put it past him. I say... not likely.

Titans Here is a team that could absolutely use a big time receiver. They have had NO options at the position since Derrick Mason left a few years ago. TO would obviously bring that back to the team and the offense. But does Kerry Collins want him there? And would Vince Young be interested in throwing too him? If Simms is the future you surely don't want T.O. Plus Jeff Fisher probably isn't going to take the risk on him if he hasn't brought in a great receiver before this. I say... very doubtful.

Chargers Another team that really needs a big receiver. And Philip Rivers MIGHT have the personality to handle T.O. for a while. He would get plenty of catches cause there is no other option on the team. It would help L.T. too cause teams couldn't focus on him too. But like the Titans reason above... why hasn't San Diego gotten a guy like Housh? The only other problem would be Norv Turner....can he handle an ego like T.O.'s? Not sure. But it might be worth the risk. I say... a good possibility.

Chiefs This team might be the perfect fit for him. You have a guy like Tony Gonzalez who is the leader and would stand up in the locker room against him. And you have Todd Haley who proved in the playoffs that he has no problem getting in the face of a player. It would give Matt Cassel another option other than Dwayne Bowe, Anthony Gonzalez, and L.J. would get some more space to run. With an upgrade or two on defense they could win the West with TO. Would he be too much for Cassel? He doesn't seem like a strong personality type and TO might run him out. But then again, Pioli did bring in Moss for the Pats, so maybe he would do this too. I say... very possible.

Saints There are reasons this makes sense. Sean Payton can surely contain T.O. and he doesn't have a problem with locker room cancers, see Jeremy Shockey. Drew Brees is the undeniable leader on this offense and T.O. would be aware of that from the get go. Lining T.O. up with Marques Colston is an interesting proposition too. But this team needs defensive help not offensive help. And I doubt that Brees would be interested in throwing to T.O. if the team consulted him. Colston is a very similar receiver and I think bringing in T.O. would hurt his development. I say... intriguing but not likely.

Cardinals Assuming they trade Anquan Boldin they might be interested. Kurt Warner is possibly tough enough to handle T.O. and Fitz is on the other side to draw the coverage. But the coaching staff seems to be building a Steelers like mentality and I doubt they would risk that for a locker room cancer like TO. Plus the team is possibly trading Boldin, who is very similar to TO. If you don't want to keep Boldin would you really want TO? Doubt it. I say... nope.

So who is it gonna be???? Well I think it will be either the Pats, Chiefs, or Chargers signing the one, the only TO. If I were a betting man, which I am most certainly not (usually), I would say... Chiefs. Who do you think will sign him???

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