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I remember IMing with a fellow Phillies fan (sorry I didn't follow up, JuT... I got lazy) shortly after the World Series had ended, bringing euphoria and joy to the rudderless, unwashed masses known to the baseball world as the worst fans in baseball. For the stretch of a few weeks... we were the best fans. Effin' A.

Chase Utley said it best, in all his [expletive deleted] glory. I couldn't have said it any better myself. It was a feeling of relief, happiness, joy... and, something I can't quite put my finger on.

In the days that followed the 2008 World Series I almost felt like - it's about freaking time. It's been 28 years, what the hell have you guys been doing? Where is another World Series win? The Twins won two World Series since 1980. The Marlins won two! The Red Sox won two. So... where the hell was ours?

But I got over it real quick in late October 2008. Finally, Finally. I work in central New Jersey, and have to deal with Mets and Yankees fans. For once, I could just tell them all to shut up and let me enjoy this moment. And to think, in September, I exchanged an email with my carpool guy about how done with the Phillies we were.

So, what do I remember about 2008? Just a few things:

  • Telling my son about the 1980 Phillies. Some of you might remember reading this.
  • Not being able to watch a game because I have DirectTV - no Comcast. Hate them.
  • A positive April (more wins than losses) - The first one in a long time.
  • LOB, LOB, LOB - Too many men left on base... continued all season and into the WS
  • Brett Myers' demotion to the minors and his triumphant return.
  • The Mets' meltdown - always fun to watch and write about.
  • NLCS - Myers hitting against L.A., Matt Stairs' blast. Never a doubt after that.

So that's what I remember about 2008. The Phillies finally delivering the World Series that their crazed fanbase has been yearning for all these years. And doing it in style. What a great year. The best freaking fans get a prize they'll never forget. Awesome!

Fun (mostly Philly-related) facts about October 29

  • October 29, 1981 - Bill Giles becomes CEO of Philadelphia Phillies
  • October 29, 1942 - Branch Rickey named president/GM of Brooklyn Dodgers
  • October 29, 1931 - Lefty Grove, A's pitcher who won 31 games, is named the AL's MVP
  • October 29, 1682 - William Penn lands at what is now Chester Pennsylvania
  • October 29, 2008 - The Phillies win their second World Series.