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In December Comcast gave me FSNHD as part of my HD programming. Unfortunately…NOTHING ever seems to be on. All I get when I turn on channel 201 is “Tune in For” and it shows me upcoming programs. Right now, there are 8 programs listed and 3 of those have already played. Also…3 of the five that are left are not even local sports…they are Pac-10 or ACC Basketball. The subject is also “schedule to change” which I know happened when the Wolves were supposed to be on there at one point.

Last week, the Golden Gophers were on ESPN, non-BTN TV for only the second time all year, and this game wasn’t even broadcast on ESPNHD, just regular ESPN, even thought it was the 8 PM National Game…Garbage!!

So here is my question? Why can’t we get HD Programming for most of our games? Especially Hockey!! With HD hockey you get to see so much more of the ice and you can actually find the puck. While watching the Wild and Canucks on Monday night, I couldn’t see Pierre-Marc Bouchard score an open netter because of the blurriness of the screen. FOX, NBC and CBS have it down…even ABC has it, so why can’t FSN, who know has its own HD Channel produce their games in HD?

At least SHE is in HD on ESPN"><img

Don’t Blog That: Minnesota fans will get the BTN just in time for the Big Ten Basebal Season? Great!

Annoying: Did you notice whenever listening to sports radio that whenever you are about to hear something interesting you hit a tunnel or a bad reception area? At least they produce the Vikings on FM now.

Is This News? Johan Santana will be traded by spring training. I hear that everyday…lets just stop talking about it and wait for it to happen. I’ll believe it when I see it.