Article:Top 5 "What were they thinking" stories of 2007

A short list of the top stories that made you wonder why people do some things:

  1. Michael Vick - Obviously everybody knows what happened with Mr. Vick. His dog fighting ring may have cost him a career in the NFL. He has been sentenced to 23 months in jail and will not be out until at least the summer of 2009.
  2. Mitchell Report - Many famous baseball players and some not so famous players were named in the long anticipated report by George Mitchell. Some players have admitted to it and said they used, while others like Roger Clemens have proclaimed that the report is a lie and that they never took anything.
  3. Tim Donaghy - The referees were possibly controlling the outcomes of games so that they or others with them could make some extra cash.
  4. Bobby Petrino - Head coach of the Atlanta Falcons leaves team with 3 games left in season. One of the biggest disgraces in the history of sports. He had just told his boss a day before that he was staying as coach and then leaves the next day. Unbelievable.
  5. Tennis match fixing - Reportedly there are some tennis players that have been fixing matches. There have been a few confirmed and suspended but no major players yet. Many players have said they were approached but all of them said they refused.

That's it for this list. If you think I missed something or got something, let me know. I will have another list up on my blog each day for the next 4 days. So check in and read them.

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