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It's February, the slowest time of the sports year. So, let's talk about hair.

Mullets, in fact. The top 11 mullets from the world of sports.

#11: Wayne Gretzky


The Great One was always great, and once had a great mullet. He still managed to score lots of points and marry a bonafide hottie, while racking up a couple of hoists of Lord Stanley's Cup.

#10: Barry Melrose

BMelrose Mullet.jpg

ESPN's resident king of hockey, he even sported the mullet as he went grey. That takes talent, class, and a ton of stupidity.

#9: Jay Mariotti

JMariotti Mullet.jpg

Speaking of stupid... it really shouldn't surprise you that this man had a mullet. I mean, seriously, Jay, do you think having a mullet makes you a Black Hawk? Or a professional wrestler or something?

#8: The Undertaker

Undertaker Mullet.jpg

Yeah, this guy didn't think so. He eats people like Jay for breakfast. So we're not going to insult his hair.

#7: Randy Johnson

BigUnit Mullet.jpg

For some reason, this guy always looked like he hadn't showered in about a decade. He'd throw a 2011 mph sinker, striking out someone (but not Joe McEwing!), do a little fist pump and scream off the mound, jumping, his flowing, greasy locks bobbing in the wind. But whatever, he's a great pitcher. Or was. Now it's all about Danny Haren and Brandon Webb.

#6: Rod Beck

RBeck Mullet.jpg

RIP, big guy. Hope the halo doesn't snip the 'do.

#5: Marty McSorley

McMcSorley Mullet.jpg

Douchebaggery aside, he sported the mullet in style. But he was still a douche.

#4: Dennis Eckersley

DEcksersley Mullet.jpg

Okay, here's the thing. Kirk Gibson had a pseudo-mullet for part of his career. Could you imagine if he were sporting one in the 1988 World Series? It'd be the greatest moment in sports mullet history. That'd have been awesome. Facking awesome.

#3: Jaromir Jagr

JJagr Mullet.jpg

Holy cow, what died and landed on his head? Seriously dude... I know you play hockey and you're from a country other than the U.S., and, yes, you play in Pittsburgh (or used to), but dear lord man, you need V05 or something.

#2: Andre Agassi

Agassi Mullet.jpg

Given: Having a mullet is better than being bald.

Evidence: Mister Agassi.

With mullet: sleeping with Brooke Shields.

With shaved head: sleeping with Steffi Graf.


#1: John Kruk

JKruk Mullet.jpg

One testicle? Check.

Beer gut? Check.

Crazy haircut? Check.

ESPN gig? Huh? How'd that happen?