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The Mets are floundering this year, there is no question about it. A team with that high a payroll, and the type of expectations they had needs to perform at a higher level than this. However, the Wilpon's are going about this in 100 % the wrong way.

To have this hanging over the team's head on a daily basis can not possibly help. Every day they are going out on the field wondering if they are playing the manager's last game. They are playing timidly, and walking on eggshells. It has to influence the manager as well. He cannot manage with complete confidence knowing the eyes of the owners are directly over his shoulder.

I am sure that the Wilpons will admit privately that they are doing this to make him manage his best, sort of the way George Steinbrenner used to keep Billy Martin on his toes. This is not the same guy and it is not going to work.

They want to spark the team, here is how you do it. If you want to fire him, fine. Do it now! Stop the questions and just cut the cord and do it. Otherwise, go public and name him the manager for the rest of the season. Otherwise you will have a season with many questions and not many answers.