Article:Time for Waddell to go, for the good of the Thrashers and Blueland

Yesterday, the Atlanta Thrashers, the defending Southeast Conference champions of the National Hockey League, said goodbye to one of their better players and a fan favorite, Marion Hossa. Hossa went to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The same man that is the current GM is also the head coach, Dan Waddell. Right now, in my mind, Dan Waddell is the most hated man in Atlanta since Sherman burned the place down. The team is currently ranked 14th in the Eastern Division and may not make the playoffs.

Waddell is incompetent to be a head coach. The Thrashers fired Bob Hartley early in the season. Since then, the team has not played to its full potential. Waddell may be the reason the team is in such bad shape right now in the standings and he trades one of the best players the city of Atlanta has seen since Tom Lysiak played for the old Flames.

Dan Wadell may be a pretty good GM but he is a LOUSY coach! Too bad the Thrashers can't rehire Bernie Geoffrion. At least he knew what the hell he was doing. It's time to defend Blueland and send Danny Boy back behind the GM's desk and not the bench. Atlanta may not defend its divisional title, let alone get to the playoff. But this change is needed.