It felt like the entire world stopped yesterday to watch Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate go head to head in a playoff for the U.S. Open Championship. What was an 18 hole round of golf turned into a 19 hole sudden death match, and you can turn to any sports media outlet today and watch the whole story.

However, what is even more impressive is the far reaching impact that Tiger and Rocco had. Because it wasn't sports fans who were watching yesterday's round. The guys on Wall Street were watching, and the market felt the effect. That's right, Tiger Woods managed to hurt the American economy. Between the hours of 12 pm est and 4 pm est, the NYSE took a 9% drop below it's normal trading average. Touching a low that the market typically only sees during a holiday weekend. Trading volumes were down while the ratings for the U.S. Open were at an all-time high. Apparently a large chunk of the U.S. took Monday as a long weekend, and enjoyed the magistry that is Tiger Woods.

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