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The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have just finished their second three-game sweep of the BoSox in the past two weeks.  It's clear that the Boston Red Sox are rattled by the ongoing drama with Manny Ramirez. 

Oh I'm sorry. I meant Manny "the Diva" Ramirez. 

Manny ran his mouth off again in another interview with ESPN Deportes claiming that the Red Sox didn't deserve a player like him. Something in me tells me that the Red Sox are more fed up with Manny than they're letting on and that Manny Ramirez may not be dawning a Red Sox uniform after tomorrow. Regardless of what happens tomorrow and for the remainder of the season, he will not be back in Boston in 2009.  Appropriately, the trade deadline is tomorrow and the Red Sox just happen to have the day off.  The undivided attention of Theo Epstein and the BoSox front office will be to weigh the plusses/minuses and pros/cons in terms of keeping Ramirez.  Based on what has transpired lately, they definitely have a case for why they shouldn't. 

Having said that, the Red Sox would be crazy to part themselves with him.  

We all know Manny is Manny.  He runs at a snail's pace to first on a routine ground-ball in the infield.   We all know he admires his home run shot for 3 and a half hours before deciding to finally circle the bases.  And yes, he has his occasional bathroom breaks and takes time to catch up with his friends via cell phone.  However, there's no getting around the fact that Manny is as pure and talented a hitter as there is in the MLB and that a MAJOR void will be left with his departure regardless of who they receive in return.  As a Yankee fan, it was and is scary to watch the Yanks figure out how to pitch to David Ortiz. The scariest thing was knowing that a mistake to Ortiz meant having to pitch to the purer hitter of the dynamic duo in Ramirez.  No matter who they may get in a potential trade, it will be near impossible to replace that chemistry within that heart of their batting order.  As intimidating a hitter as Ortiz is, he'll become a lot more vulnerable without Manny behind him.   

The Yankees have put their postseason hopes in good standing with their theft {and that's putting it kindly} of Nady and Marte from the Pirates as well as acquiring Pudge from the Tigers.  If the Red Sox deal Manny, their postseason chances will take a hit.  It's only a matter of how significant the hit will be based on what they get out of the trade. 

As sick as I'm sure the Sox may be of Manny, they'd be smart to utilize his services for another potential run at the World Series crown knowing full well it's his final season with them.   Manny may continue to make noise off the field, he still hits the ball a mile as well as a lot.   

The pros STILL outweigh the cons.