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The Ravens placed the franchise tag on Terrell Suggs, making him one of the highest paid outside linebackers in the game. Provided he signs the contract, he stands to make $8.065 million next season. Not bad for a player that's coming off of a career low in sacks with five, but a career high in tackles with 95. Well, Suggs didn't like it. He wants to be paid like a defensive end. Terrell Suggs wants that extra $814,000 added to his franchise tag. Suggs might have the players union file a grievance on his behave against the Ravens. Is it really that serious, Mr. Suggs? What do you plan to do with the extra $814,000? Make it rain at a club on Baltimore Street? His gripe is understandable, somewhat. NFL players don't really make that much money unless you're Peyton Manning or Michael Vick. Guaranteed money or signing bonus is where players make the most money. Players want to make as much money as possible, so they'll squeeze their organization for every dime. Their careers could be over in a flash (See Kevin Everett) and start collecting pension from the NFL. We all know how bad the NFL's pension plan is. So Suggs' gripe could be warranted. With that said, Suggs is still making $8.065 million next season. $814,000 is chump change to this player. If Suggs really need that extra six figures, try opening a Certificate of Deposit or Savings account. Those accounts will certainly help you get your six figures. Suggs won't win that case. The Ravens are well within their rights to franchise him as a outside linebacker. Maybe Suggs will be a leader, sign the tag right away, and not holdout during training camp. Somehow, that's probably too much to ask.

I visited to hear Jim Mora talk about needs of the Baltimore Ravens on NFL Total Access. Mora said John Harbaugh will have his ups and downs next season because of his inexperience as a HC. Thank you Mr. Obvious! Next, he says the Ravens need a franchise QB. You really blew me away with that one, Jim. Mr. Playoffs! said Steve McNair isn't the QB that he once was because of the amount of hits he's taken over the years. Boller is hasn't proven to be anything more than a solid back up QB. Then Mora says he doesn't think Troy Smith is the answer. Why, Mr. Mora? Well, he never gave a particular reason, just saying that Troy Smith isn't the answer. I am a firm believer in Troy Smith, from I saw last season. Strong arm, accurate, mobile and is a leader. He tends to lock onto his receivers too long. That's typical for young QBs. That can be corrected with more coaching and experience. Smith should be a given a fair chance to show what he can do as the starter next season. Troy Smith displayed some of his leadership qualities in this article:

"There are Pro Bowlers everywhere," Smith said upon joining the Ravens in 2007. "I kind of pinch myself when I come to that realization, because they treat you just like a regular person. Even though all of these players have incredible accolades, they don't act like that. I hope that rubs off on the rest of the rookies, because it's doing that on me."

On top of all that, Smith was impressive during his appearances late in the season. He saw his first NFL action in the fourth quarter of a Week 14 game against the Colts, scoring his first touchdown—on a quarterback scramble—albeit in a losing cause.

"It definitely leaves a damper on the moment because we didn't get a win," Smith said. "[The touchdown] was okay, under the circumstances, but if we had been winning, it would have been much better. Moments like that are for your family. It helps the team a little bit, but we needed to get a win."

If Smith is their leader of the future, the Ravens have to like his level-headed approach to the game.

"Every play is important, and you have to treat it that way as a quarterback, and never take a play off," he said. "As a professional, that's the way it has to be every second of every day. Be as professional as you can be, and try to take that with you on the field.

"Nothing is promised. I don't care who you are," he added emphatically.

"At this level, it's, 'What have you done for me lately?' You show glimpses of greatness, but being young and not knowing the system, there are moments when you look like a freshman, too," Smith said. "But I had an understanding early on that there would be mistakes."

A born leader, Smith understands the role that comes with playing his position—regardless of where he's listed on the depth chart.

"You have to be able to step up and rise to the challenge," he said. "There are 44 other guys out there in pads that are counting on you. They're looking into your eyes and seeing what kind of player and what kind of man you're going to be."

Hopefully, the Ravens are taking notes of this. Troy Smith is a football player playing QB. Sounds like a young man ready to take the leadership role as the starting QB next season.

Money May will be wrestling at Wrestlemania 24. Yes, you are reading that correctly. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has nothing better to do but to try his hand at pro-wrestling. The WWE had a Pay Per View this past weekend which was dubbed No Way Out. I happened to catch (huge wrestling fan) it. The PPV was in Las Vegas where Mayweather resides. He was in the audience, of course. At the beginning of the show, Floyd did a promo with Rey Mysterio. The two were conversing about Rey's torn bicep. That injury was pretty obvious. Quite disgusting. Anyway, Rey Mysterio lost his match against Edge. While Rey was being helped out of the ring, the Big Show came down to the ring. For those that don't know, Big Show is literally 7' tall and 500lbs and moves like defensive lineman. Well, I might be exaggerating the weight because Big Show did say that he lost 180 lbs and physically, he did look as though he lost some weight. His real name is Paul White. Anyway, the Big Show was cutting promo in the middle of the ring, but felt Rey Mysterio was being a distraction as some of the medical personnel was helping Rey out of the ring and back to the locker room. So Big Show attacked Rey Mysterio and began taunting Floyd. Calling him the usual names. Floyd along with his crew jumped over the barrier and into the ring to confront the Big Show. As the two were in the ring, the Big Show began taunting Floyd again. Saying Floyd is too little for him and that he's not in his league. Let me remind that Floyd is about 5'9" and 147lbs, going up against someone who is nearly twice the size of Grady Jackson. The disparity was obviously noticable  and hilarious. Anyway, Big Show wanted Floyd to hit him so he can beat the crap out of him so he got on his knees and begged and taunted some more. So Floyd gave him what he wanted. Floyd has the fastest hands since Roy Jones Jr. Money May broke Big Show's nose. Then he and his crew ran for their lives. Rumors are swirling that Floyd and Big Show will be involve in a Tag Team Match at WM 24. Also, there are rumblings that Oscar De La Hoya might make an appearance or wrestle against Floyd at WM24. It might not happen considering that Oscar is or will be training to fight Steve Forbes in May. Yes, Floyd is doing big things and is definitely trying to keep his name relevant. Check it out here:

A-Rod, try thinking before you speak or don't speak at all. If a reporter is asking you anything about PEDs, give that reporter a bland manufactured answer, buddy. Ask Derek Jeter how to give bland answers to questions.