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Welcome to the Armchair GM Mock Draft. There have been several mocks posted recently, but this one is a bit different because a different user represents each team. We can each do our own drafts, but we don’t know all the teams very well. In this draft, users have signed up to make the picks for a team that they know very well. Hopefully, this will result in a more accurate representation of the draft.

Feel free to comment and criticize the picks in the comments section, just as you might on Saturday when the real draft occurs. But, please, do not edit the page to change a pick, because obviously each pick will affect those that follow.

To the drafters:

1) Please insert your information in the same manner as the previous picks to keep everything neat. Post your pick, the school and a paragraph explaining your reasoning.

2) In order to be sure we finish by Friday, we need to follow this schedule:

1-7 Monday
8-13 Tuesday
14-19 Wednesday
20-25 Thursday
26-31 Friday

3) If we get ahead of schedule, even better. For example, if you are ready with the eighth pick when the seventh is posted on Monday, go ahead a post it.

4) Please message the next user after your pick is done.

5) Trades are allowed, but both teams involved must approve them. No renegade trades!

The 2008 Armchair GM Mock Draft

1) Miami Dolphins: Jake Long, OT, Michigan
picked by Agent0

First of all sorry on taking so damn long. My school pulled some shizz and I didn't get to a computer and I want to apologize big time for taking so long. Anyways the reason I'm taking J. Long is because the Dolphins need to start building an offense and offensive line is the perfect place to start. With a quality offensive line, John Beck will be able to perform a lot better than last year. Long will have an instant impact on the team.

2) St. Louis Rams: Chris Long, DE, Virginia
picked by Bigpeeler

The Rams need Jake Long OT more than they need Chris Long DE, but if the Dolphins do indeed nab Jake, then the Rams will probably go for Chris. There will be offensive line help available in later rounds and grabbing the best pick while you can is only logical. The Rams do indeed need help on their D-Line as they were 21st in the league in sacks last season, and 19th in opponent’s yards per rushing attempt, with 4.14. Yikes. Again, this all depends on what The Fish do. Hopefully, Jake Long falls to St.Louis and they can start planning for their future without Orlando Pace who is battling both the injury bug and Father Time.

3) Atlanta Falcons: Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
picked by Sd_superbowl

The Atlanta Falcons have many' holes to fill. Matt Ryan is the pick everyone was expecting Roger Goodell to call when the Falcons were on the clock, but the Falcons decided to surprise the fans of A-town. Seeing as Joe Flacco and Brian Brohm both could fall to the second round the Falcons decided to pick Dorsey. A guy that can be a game changer and help lead a defense. He is a dominant force in the trenches and hopes to lead this defense to bigger and better things.

Matt Ryan was to upset too comment on him falling out of the top 3.

4) Kansas City Chiefs (From Raiders): Ryan Clady, OT, Boise St.
picked by Agent0 Traded by Sd_superbowl

The Oakland Raiders traded away their first round pick for a proven running back in Larry Johnson and a 2nd round pick, 35th overall. They feel that they can still get big improvement with a the 35th pick thanks to this deep draft. When Larry Johnson was asked about the trade he responded with, "What the ef?". The Chiefs are taking a risk trading away their star running back to a division rival, but a risk they are willing to take.

While many believe that Matt Ryan could help in Kansas City, the Chiefs think that Brodie Croyle is their guy. So they looked to improve upon something else on their team. They need to protect Mr. Croyle and by doing so a left tackle would be very helpful. Clady is a the second best left tackle behind Long. the Chiefs believe they can help fill the many holes on the o-line with Clady.

5) Kansas City Chiefs: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State
picked by Agent0

After trading away Larry Johnson, you would think the Chiefs would go after Darren McFadden. The Chiefs decide to continue with their out of the box thinking and pass on McFadden. They have confidence that they can draft a solid running back with their early third round pick, such as UCF's own Kevin Smith. Having a Kevin Smith/Kolby Smith duo could produce a very productive running game. It came down to two positions on the defensive side of the ball. The corner back and the defensive end positions. Simply put, the Chiefs need major help at the corner back position. Now people say the Chiefs have Jared Allen at defensive end, but he could be traded. Adding a player like Vernon Gholston would not only take Allen's place, but if Allen stuck around that would make a very formidable duo, but the Chiefs decided to go with need instead drafting Rodgers-Cromartie.

6) New York Jets: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
picked by MegECass110

Two of the draft's top prospects, Boston College QB Matt Ryan and Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, have fallen out of the top five. The Jets traded for RB Thomas Jones last year, but Jones only averaged 3.6 yards per carry and scored just one rushing touchdown in 2007. Ohio State tweener Vernon Gholston is also an option here, and with a defensive minded coach like Eric Mangini, it wouldn't be a surprise if Gholston was their man. But getting McFadden at this spot is a steal. McFadden is one of the best players in the draft. He has elite speed and power, and can come in right away and make a contribution to the Jets' offense and try to keep up with the division rival Patriots. Ryan has the potential to be a franchise quarterback, but it seems as though the Jets have other more pressing needs.

7) New England Patriots (From 49ers): Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State
picked by Trizz

It goes without saying that the Pats looked to go defensive, while they would've grabbed the most dynamic player in the draft if available or even Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie who blew Belichick away at the combine. The Pats grab Gholston who is argued to be the best defensive player in the draft--yes even over Long and Dorsey, for he is much quicker and can easily have a Patrick Willis type player.

8) Baltimore Ravens: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
picked by L.A.S.B.

The NFL: Where Draft Disinformation happens! After talking to several teams with picks later in the 1st round the Baltimore Ravens make a left turn to the podium and select Ryan. The intillegent signal caller will hopefully fill the void left by the retiring Steve McQueen McNair.

9) Cincinnati Bengals: Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
picked by Crackajg

Although the Bengals thought of shopping around their ninth pick, they felt they needed to add a can't miss prospect to their ever improving defense. Having gone back and forth on whether or not to pick defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis or outside linebacker Keith Rivers, the Bengals have finally decided that they need more help on their defensive line than their linebacking corps. So, with the 9th pick in the AGM Mock Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals select Sedrick Ellis, defensive tackle out of USC.

When asked on what he felt on the trade, Ellis exclaimed, "I wish I'd gotten here a year or two earlier -- they seem to have been having a lot of fun. Hey, anyone want to go to a strip club?" Marvin Lewis was seen rubbing his temples immediately after Ellis' comment.

10) New Orleans Saints: Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy University
picked by Tylersalt

The Saints /sprint/ up to the podium to pick Leodis McKelvin, who they thought was the best cornerback in the draft. To see Rodgers-Cromartie go ahead of him was very surprising, and the Saints are counting themselves lucky to get McKelvin with the 10th pick. McKelvin has a little work to do, considering the relatively inferior quality of the competition he played against, but he's definitely got the highest ceiling of any CB in the draft. The New Orleans defensive backfield was awful last year, and I would hazard a guess that this isn't the only player in that area that they draft this year.

Reports are that McKelvin is a big fan of gumbo, so that should go well.

11) Buffalo Bills: Mike Jenkins, CB, University of South Florida
picked by Trizz

The Bills have two main needs, a wide reciever and a corner, unfortunately this draft lacks any playmaker recievers, well at least none that would be worth drafting so high. With Cromartie and McKelvin both off the board, the Bills go with the next best corner available in Jenkins.

12) Denver Broncos: Chris Williams, OT, Vanderbilt
picked by False Prophet

Nothing sexy here. No big play makers left, no gaping position to fill other than OT after the retirement of Matt Lepsis, so the Broncos lay it up and draft the best Tackle on the board that is well suited to play in their zone-blocking scheme.

13) Carolina Panthers: Branden Albert, G, Virginia
picked by RogersPoll

Despite an obvious need at running back to complement DeAngelo Williams in the wake of DeShaun Foster's release, Carolina would have jumped at the opportunity to draft Matt Ryan had he been available here. Still, the Panthers have even more pressing needs at offensive tackle, the defensive line, safety, and wide receiver.

As it is, the top talents available in positions of immediate need are Branden Albert (G/T, Virginia), Derrick Harvey (DE, Florida), Jeff Otah (OT, Pittsburgh), Kentwan Balmer (DT, North Carolina), Devin Thomas (WR, Michigan State), and Aqib Talib (CB, Kansas). That said, Keith Rivers (LB, USC) and Rashard Mendenhall (RB, Illinois) are also appealing as they represent the best players available, regardless of need.

After much debate, the Carolina Panthers select the versatile Branden Albert from the University of Virginia. Albert can line up at either the guard or tackle positions along the offensive line, satiating a glaring need of the John Fox-led club. With a solid upper tier of running backs still available, look for the Panthers to target the best available back when their second round pick comes around.

14) Chicago Bears: Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh
picked by Enybo

The Bears have many needs on offense and keeping Rashard Mendenhall in state was very tempting. But in the end, Angelo's knows he needs to shore up the offensive line. If they can provide solid protection, just maybe Cedric Benson and Rex Grossman/Kyle Orton can be serviceable players. Therefore this pick is for Jeff Otah to play opposite John Tait. Wait . . it's also being announced that the Bears have come to terms with the recently cut Shaun Alexander.

That last part is not real, but a man can dream can't he?

15) Detroit Lions: Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona
picked by Demonboy

Like many teams, the Lions need to fill a lot of holes. The biggest hole in my opinion is the secondary - getting torched for big yards on several occasions. The Lions had the worst secondary of all the NFL last year. With the big CB's gone, Cason is the best available player out there at this position. Cason has decent speed (4.45 40) and can keep plays in front of him - 15 INT's, 32 pass deflections & 5 forced fumbles. Cason could provide that shutdown corner that is needed.

16) Arizona Cardinals: Keith Rivers, LB, USC
picked by AOEH

What would the Cardinals do now that they have traded away Bolden? Would they take a WR? Or maybe a new QB? Well, their GM took a hard look at his board and then a quick peek at his debth chart. This is when he realized that Chike Okeafor is still starting at Linebacker.

Enter Keith Rivers. He is a hard-nosed 'backer that should fit perfectly into Ken Wisenhunt's plans in Arizona.

"I love Keith. I am really hoping he brings my old beer bong with him, too." - Matt Leinart

17) Kansas City Chiefs: Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida (from Minnesota in the Jared Allen trade)
picked by Agent0

After losing Jared Allen is was obvious that the Chiefs needed to get a defensive end. The Chiefs might have made a mistake with Cromartie over Gholston now that they lost Allen, but the Chiefs think they will manage. People think the Chiefs most likely could have ended up with Gholston and Aqib Talib, but instead the Chiefs will end up with Rodgers-Cromartie and Harvey. Harvey has plenty potential and is the third best defensive end in the draft. After making their third pick in the first round the Chiefs are feeling very confident in their picks.

18) Houston Texans: Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois
picked by Behbigben15

This may surprise many, but I feel that Houston needs to fix their running game in order to keep the pressure off Schaub. Mendenhall is the second-best back in the draft (a step or two behind McFadden). The former Fighting Illini ran a 4.41 forty-yard dash, and has a vertical of 33 1/2. Instead of trying to upgrade their O-Line, I feel Houston should sign Mendenhall, and have the declining Ahman Green help him through the season. This guy has a lot of potential, more so than last year's undrafted FA Darius Walker, out of Notre Dame.

19) Seattle Seahawks (From Bengals [From Eagles]): James Hardy, WR, Indiana
picked by SSreporters Traded by Crackajg and JuTMSY4

Update The Philadelphia Eagles have traded their first round Pick (19) and Lito Sheppard for Wide Receiver Chad Johnson. The trade was confirmed minutes after the draft started and both teams are happy with future opportunities. Chad Johnson provides Quarterback Donovan McNabb with the versatility and talent at wide receiver that he has not had since the days of Terrell Owens in 2004. With that the Eagles have positioned themselves to rise to the top of the NFC East.

When asked, Sheppard said the trade was amicable and he is excited to join a new team in Cincinnati and become a leader on the defense. Chad Johnson was the most excited exclaiming "That's my teammate, that's my quarterback!" and suggesting that Super Bowl Trophies are on the horizon. When asked what he was looking forward to most, Johnson was quoted as saying: "A chance to play for the best fans in football."

Update In turn, after acquiring the number 19 pick from the Philadelphia Eagles, the Cincinnati Bengals turn around and trade it to the Seattle Seahawks. The details of the trade:

The Bengals get Deion Branch, Floyd Womack, and a 4th rounder while the Seahawks get the #19 pick and TE Reggie Kelly.

Floyd Womack on the trade, "Whoa... um, I can't even believe I'm a part of such a high profile trade. That's pretty cool... I plan on making a significant contribution to the Cincinnati Bengals -- and I don't plan on going out after hours with any of them!"

Update - Pick I pondered whether or not I should go defense here. But, Seattle has lost DJ Hackett and Deion Branch suffered a devastating knee injury. Bobby Engram is getting old, so it's time to bring in a new set of receivers for Seattle.

Hardy may not be fast (4.51 40), but he has massive hands and I don't see him dropping many passes, something that has plagued the Seahawks for years. James also has a 42 inch vertical leap and since he is 6'7, I think that will help with jump balls. He has good upper body strength, and should be a powerful receiver for Matt Hasselbeck.

In 2008, I wouldn't mind seeing Hardy, Burleson, Obumanu and Engram as the four WR set.

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DeSean Jackson, WR, California
picked by Agent0

YES! Jackson fell to 20 and the Bucs (me) are super excited about it! Not only a playmaker at the receiver position, but is a return specialist too. the buccaneers are in desperate need of a receiver, especially since their number one guy, Joey Galloway, is one hundred years old. The Bucs organization is very excited to have Jackson on board and think he is going to be a big factor right away for the offense.

21) Washington Redskins: Calais Campbell, DE, University of Miami
picked by Tylersalt

With the big OT's gone (J. Long, Clady, Otah), the Redskins brain trust does the smartest thing they've done in /years/ and picks a pass-rusher. Campbell had a bit of a disappointing senior season, but so did all of the Hurricanes. He's 6'6'', a frame comparable to DE's like (stop me if you've heard of these guys), Mario Williams and Julius Peppers. Redskins defensive line coach John Palermo was Campbell's line coach in 2006 at Miami when he registered 10.5 sacks and 20.5 TFL's. He may need a year or two to really grow into the role, but by then Phillip Daniels will be ready to go and Campbell will step right in.

The Redskins' will also look for a wide receiver and offensive lineman in the next two rounds, as well as maybe take a flier on a quarterback like Colt Brennan late in the draft.

Said owner Daniel Snyder, "I don't know what came over me. I wanted to act like the brain-dead owner I am like normal and pick a wide receiver from a weak class in the first round or trade away all my draft picks for a troubled attention-hogging veteran, but I suddenly heard this voice in my head from this guy on some sports wiki, telling me to draft a 'facking lineman.' Maybe this means that the team will actually get better!"

22) Dallas Cowboys (From Browns): Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas
picked by Taytay_24

Leading up to the draft, rumors were swirling that Jerry Jones would trade up for Arkansas RB Darren McFadden. Well, they were right about one thing: JJ wanted an Arkansas back. Felix Jones is available without having to give up extra picks and is actually a better compliment to [Marion Barber|MB3]. Jones might have been available at 28, but the Cowboys couldn't take the chance on passing up on him here.

23) Pittsburgh Steelers: Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College
picked by Behbigben15

Well, the Steelers have a few holes to be filled, but mainly on the O-line, especially with Alan Faneca parting ways. So, after looking at scouting reports, and looking at some other Mock Drafts, I have decided that Cherilus is the way to go. Gosder has great size at 6 foot 7, 314 pounds, but is one of the faster Offensive Tackles in this year's draft (runs a 5.14 forty-yard dash). I believe Gosder has a chance at making an immediate impact in PITT, in helping to protect Ben Roethlisberger.

24) Arizona Cardinals (From Tennessee by False Prophet): Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
picked by AOEH

The J.J. Arrington experiment hasn't worked and the Cardinals could learn from the Shaun Alexander story: Edgerrin James is old for a RB. Add to that: rival Seattle Seahawks would take him with the next pick. The 'Cards win everywhere.

Stewart had surgery in the off-season dropping him from a top-10 pick, yet the talent is still there. He is a fast, powerful runner who has the ability to catch out of the backfield. Since Matt Leinart has yet to live up to expectations, a one-two running punch of James and Stewart could help the team. They can catch flare passes and change up styles mid-drive. Wishenhunt knows about this. See: Jerome Bettis and Willie Parker.

TRADE: The Cardinals send Anquan Boldin packing out to Tennessee for Pacman Jones, a first rounder, a second rounder, and a sixth rounder. Here is False Prophet of the Titans as to why he made the trade:

I had to do something. The running game is fine, assuming it isn't the only threat. The Secondary is a bit weak, but when I can get a Pro Bowl caliber WR for a couple picks and Pacman Jones, I don't know how I can resist. The AFC is a beast to get through in the playoffs. It was a way to get a offensive talent, especially considering there are no good WRs in this draft.

When asked about the deal, Boldin responded "I'm really happy that I get to play for a great team in the Titans. They're a playoff team, and I'm an impact guy. They need me to make that offense work. It's a bit sad knowing I have to move, but like a certain other former Minnesota Receiver said, 'Super Bowl, Homeboy'".

Pacman's prison warden did not pick up when called.

25) Seattle Seahawks: Trevor Laws, DT, Notre Dame
picked by SSR

First of all, why is AOEH aiding the enemy? Doesn't he know Whisenhunt is reading this thing as we speak?

Oh yeah, my pick. I think it has been made clear Marcus Tubbs is done as far as football, too many knee injuries and he weighs a truckload. Chuck Darby is also oft-injured so Seattle definitely needs a young, strong, and fast DT, and Laws is perfect.

Laws is very athletic, has a 31 inch vertical leap, not bad for someone who weighs 304 pounds. He was able to run the 40 in under 5 seconds as well. He does not fatigue, looking at the video he does a good job at getting off the line on every snap. I've seen him tackle before and he is dangerous.

The only "weakness" I see is him on the double team, but he is a perfect fit for the Seahawks D, who are in desperate need of someone who is big, quick, and can burst through the offensive line well.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars: Kenny Phillips, S, University of Miami
picked by Cornfed78

With last year's 1st Round Pick Reggie Nelson moving to CB, picking Phillips clearly the best S of the draft was a no brainer. The Jaguars will focus on defense for a majority of the draft with needs at DE & DL Likely Chris Ellis and Andre Fluellen. Though don't be surprised if a certain WAC QB ends up in a Jaguars uniform. (I can only hope.)

27) San Diego Chargers: Anthony Collins, OT, Kansas
picked by Wojcicki00

Being that San Diego is a little thin now at Right Tackle with only Jeromy Clary, they pick Anthony Collins from Kansas...actually with the lack of "1st round talent" I see them trading down if there are any takers, but seeing that this mock draft is only one round, the pick is made. He might not start right away, but will provide decent competition. Albert would've been the savory pick if he was still on the board.

28) Dallas Cowboys: Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
picked by Taytay_24

When considering the 28th pick, my initial reaction was that the Cowboys would trade down. But at this point in the draft, there are too many skill position players available that they can use. So we're taking Aqib Talib to shore up the secondary. I'm a bit nervous about his fundamentals, but he is an aggressive player that will fit in well with the Cowboys defense. Paired with Terence Newman, he leaves little room for opposing QBs to throw. And this late in the first round, he's a pick with value. Who would have predicted a year ago that two Kansas players would be selected back-to-back in the first round of the NFL draft?

29) San Francisco 49ers: Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville (From Colts)
picked by Crackajg

With Alex Smith failing to live up to his lofty expectations, the 49ers organization felt it would be a good idea to bring in a new face... especially when that new face has the potential to be a spectacular franchise QB. The 49ers were surprised that Brohm fell this far, considering many other teams needed QB's as badly as they and they are thrilled to have Brian Brohm as the front runner for their 2009 starting QB job.

30) Green Bay Packers: Brandon Flowers, CB, Virginia Tech
picked by RogersPoll

The Packers have plenty of needs that need to be addressed. Specifically, Green Bay needs to address the corner, safety, offensive tackle, tight end, quarterback, and running back positions in this draft. The way the draft has worked out thus far, there are several top talents sitting around that do not fit within the Green Bay need categories. Included in that list are: Jerod Mayo (LB, Tennessee), Kentwan Balmer (DT, North Carolina), Devin Thomas, (WR, Michigan State), Phillip Merling (DE, Clemson), and Limas Sweed (WR, Texas).

Given that those five guys are still on the board, it's a bit of a reach to take the Virginia Tech corner, Brandon Flowers with this pick. However, Charles Woodson and Al Harris are in the late stages of their careers and their is no one behind them ready to step up. Flowers fills an important need for the Packers and should be a good fit for the Green Bay defensive scheme.

31) New York Giants: Jerod Mayo, LB, Tennessee
picked by DRE-LO

Despite being the reigning and defending World Champions of the National Football League, the New York Football Giants have a few holes to fill as they waved bye-bye to SS Gibril Wilson and LBs Kawika Mitchell and Reggie Torbor over the offseason via free agency. The Giants immediately filled the SS slot with the signing of veteran Sammy Knight and acquired nomadic linebacker Danny Clark. GM Jerry Reese had a strong desire to shore up the secondary and took a serious look at SS Kenny Phillips out of the U to provide an immediate impact. Unfortunately, he was nabbed. However, Jerry Reese had the foresight to see this coming, so he focused on shoring up the linebacking corps. He took a good look at Dan Connor from Penn State and his ability to play all three positions at linebacker. However, he finally went with LB Jerod Mayo out of Tennessee. This standout led the SEC with 140 tackles in his senior season. His primary position is at the inside linebacker position, but he can also play at the other linebacking spots. In a conference as battle-tested as the SEC, Jerod Mayo has the ability to make an immediate impact for Tom Coughlin.