After two consecutive brutal 1-3 showings to start the playoffs, Tecmo finally broke through, and once again called both Conference Championship games. So, yeah, I apologize to those who took my advice and bet against the predictions last week... Whoops. Anyway, now it's time to COM-vs-COM simulate the final game of the 2008 NFL Season, Super Bowl XLIII, matching up the surprising Arizona Cardinals and the not-so-surprising Pittsburgh Steelers. Will Arizona cap off their miracle run, similar to the way the Giants upset the mighty Patriots last year? Or will the Steelers' dominating defense crush Kurt Warner's high-powered Cardinals attack?

Before we answer those questions, here are my usual shoutouts:

  • I didn't make this ROM -- a user named "drummer4god" at's message board did, and you can download it here. Without his hard work, as well as the hard work of everyone at that board, a project like this would be impossible. So thanks, guys, and great work.
  • The emulator I'm using is FCE Ultra v2.0.3.
  • Props as well to Greg the Ex-'Burgher, for originally doing something like this three years ago, and for introducing me to the wonderful world of the TSB Repository in the first place. I don't know if that guy even blogs anymore, but he deserves some credit here.
  • This site and the Sportscenter Altar provided the super-dope NFL Primetime music you hear over the highlights.

Okay, it's finally Super Bowl time! Tecmo Super Bowl, that is...

Super Bowl XLIII

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida

Tecmo2K9 12

First Half & Halftime Show

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter & Postgame Celebration

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Tecmo2K9 13

Tecmo2K9 14

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